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Think and Work Differently
By Margaret de Haan
For any of you that have ever read anything that I have posted in the past, you know that I always lean towards doing what makes sense rather than what... Read More»

Blurred Boundaries, or Dodged Responsibility?
By DeAnna Burghart
"What we've lost, above all, are stopping points, finish lines and boundaries." I see this assertion here and there on a regular basis. Like most modern workers, I gravitate to these remarks, nod sagely, and comment on how that's just like my own workday. Oh, yes, I bounce all over the place, and work long hours, and never get away from the phone. But if I'm really honest with myself, I have to wonder if it's truly new behavior. Is multi-tasking really the result of a uniquely hyper-competitive, hyper-digital environment? Read More»

A quick reminder: Agendas are important
By Sinikka Waugh
Sometimes, I'll admit, I get a little lazy. No, "lazy" isn't the right's more like I get a little too "comfortable." I'm comfortable with my project team; I'm comfortable... Read More»

7 Things a Project Manager Should NOT Be Doing
By Brian Irwin
There is no shortage of information on the activity, processes, and tasks that project managers should be performing. It is more difficult to find information on those activities project managers should not be doing. Add value by NOT doing these 7 things. Read More»

Networking for Risk Mitigation
By Jeff Richardson
There are an infinite number of ways to improve project performance, theoretically speaking. Unfortunately most are too risky, costly, complex or creative to be accepted by executives who are focused... Read More»

What Will Help You Sleep Better?
By DeAnna Burghart
If you find you're lying awake nights worrying about vague, barely identifiable stuff, it's possible that you need some time away—not to relax, but to clear the decks and get some closure. Read More»

Failure to Follow Fundamentals Equals Failed Projects
By Jerry Perone
Following the fundamentals of project management is as important as eating to feed the body. If you don't eat, chances are your body starts to fail. If you don't practice... Read More»

The high project return on piddle-mode thinking and leisurely learning
By Cinda Voegtli
I woke up one morning a couple of weeks ago and went into a bad mood immediately. My brain went right back to the gnarly work problem I had been... Read More»

"Sure, I'll do that Tuesday." Delete!
By DeAnna Burghart
How many emails are in your inbox right now? 10? 30? Do I need to add a zero, or even a couple of them, to get in the ballpark? My... Read More»

PMO Value and Victory - The Most Bang for Your Buck
By Jerry Perone
Each industry has its own rules to live by, its own expectations, and its own operational nuances. Each company within our unique industries also has its own characteristics. Fortunately, the... Read More»

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