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Cut those bugs in half!
By Margaret de Haan
Recently I had a conversation with a friend that had had a very interesting question from a Manager during an interview. After I figured out the answer, I realized that... Read More»

A Lesson from a Calendar
By Margaret de Haan
From the time that my twins were born, I have created a yearly calendar for the northern contingent of my family to keep them off of my back about sending... Read More»

It's a Training Issue
By Ann Drinkwater
Training is a key part of successful project implementations. I've recently noticed an increase in solutions to software or technical issues cited as training issues. Those in the IT and... Read More»

Getting Acceptance From A Resistant User Community
By Margaret de Haan
This entry is late, as I have started it many times and each time I read the results it sounded like a boring textbook. So, I've decided to attack this... Read More»

Testing Balance
By Kent McDonald
I think Sting best characterized a situation I find myself in on a current project: "Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis". We're having to choose between how much testing we... Read More»

Avoid Testing Whack-A-Mole
By Kent McDonald
I recently completed a project where we were implementing a new customer facing application on which we needed to test several configurations. We were testing in a test environment, that... Read More»

Limit Work In Process To Improve QA Utilization
By Brandon Carlson
After adopting an Agile process, many teams find that the time boxed iterations are great for developers. By focusing their efforts on the following two weeks, we can limit the... Read More»

Agile Adoption Pitfalls: Don't Forget the Tests!
By Brandon Carlson
Agile software development offers organizations an approach to software development that promises to deliver higher quality software faster than traditional project management approaches. As Agile gains popularity, more people than... Read More»

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