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Randy Englund

Randall Englund's Project Management Consultancy helps discover and create organic systems that optimize results from project-based work: his presentations create an experience about why, what, and how to create an environment for successful projects; his workshops are the catalyst for individuals and teams to assess the environment, adopt and adapt proven practices, and create action plans that optimize project success; consulting engagements discover, design, and apply these practices to achieve more within the organization. Creating a memorable and actionable learning experience is key to every engagement.

Randy's work-as an author, speaker, trainer, partner in advanced project management training and adjunct professor at California universities-draws upon 22 years as a senior project manager at Hewlett-Packard Company and 10 years at GE. With cultural anthropologist Dr. Robert J. Graham he co-authored the books Creating an Environment for Successful Projects (Second Edition) and Creating the Project Office: a Manager's Guide to Leading Organizational Change. With Alfonso Bucero he co-authored Project Sponsorship: Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success. These works come from reflection and action as a program and project manager on complex projects in high tech.

He has an MBA in management and BSEE, is a certified New Product Development Professional (NPDP), and a Certified Business Manager (CBM). He regularly speaks and presents workshops around the world for the Project Management Institute and other organizations. Find him on the web at A session with Randy Englund is noteworthy for the images and sounds invoked through multimedia.

Are You Complete...or Incomplete? The answer makes a difference
By Randy Englund
Do you have…or are ready to develop…a complete portfolio of skills, knowledge, and attitude that is the right set for you to excel in today’s competitive environment? Much like organic... Read More»

Taking Stakeholder Management Up a Notch
By Randy Englund
Ask, are you getting the support you need on your projects? The answer most likely is, probably NOT! Projects need upper manager/sponsor support to be successful. This point seems to... Read More»

Think Like a Sponsor
By Randy Englund
Most all actions have thinking as their origin. Being more mindful of what goes on in our own minds, as well as what key stakeholders are thinking, goes a long... Read More»

Developing Project Sponsors
By Randy Englund
Manage up the organization; take action to develop project sponsors Read More»

Do You Have a Political Plan?
By Randy Englund
You can be a political victim of a win-lose situation or you can take steps to create win-win victories. How do you optimize project results in politically charged environments? A... Read More»

Are You a Complete Project Manager?
By Randy Englund
While many professionals develop their craft through advanced education and on the job experiences, there comes a time when an enhanced skill set and a new perspective about working with... Read More»

Beginning Steps in Becoming a Complete Project Manager
By Randy Englund
While working in a field service office, I observed how a variety of firefighting activities seemed to repeat themselves: sales made commitments to customers and did not inform service, installations... Read More»

The "Secret" Code: a Toolkit of Skills
By Randy Englund
Proman was at a crossroads. The large program had just concluded. What was next? He noticed how engaged he’d felt during the process. Each day he threw himself into the... Read More»

Are You “In the Game”?
By Randy Englund
In a recent discussion about additional costs being added to my home build project, I made a comment to our builder that “I don’t want to play that game.” He... Read More»

You Are What You Integrate
By Randy Englund
I marvel at the wonders created by nature and modern chemistry. We constantly see new products emerging as a result of molecular combinations and increased miniaturization. Vitamin and drug pills... Read More»

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