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Assumptions: Your Get Out of Jail Free Card?
By Brian Irwin
"The worst mistake of first contact, made throughout history by individuals on both sides of every new encounter, has been the unfortunate habit of making assumptions. It often proved fatal."... Read More»

Failure to Follow Fundamentals Equals Failed Projects
By Jerry Perone
Following the fundamentals of project management is as important as eating to feed the body. If you don't eat, chances are your body starts to fail. If you don't practice... Read More»

Managing with Impact
By Randy Englund
I've recently been thinking about many lessons learned while working in high tech new product development. With regards to management, leadership, and team building in a project environment, please allow... Read More»

Troubled Projects Troubling You - Some White Papers to help you make it Right!
By Jerry Perone
Standish reports continue to indicate that the number of troubled projects rises each year. On these troubled projects, private companies and government agencies lose millions. Over time, I've been called... Read More»

What is Your Purpose?
By Randy Englund
A key challenge in managing projects is dealing with chaos. Chaos theory is extremely useful to guide behaviors in an organization that depends upon project-based work for its vitality. An... Read More»

PMO Value and Victory - The Most Bang for Your Buck
By Jerry Perone
Each industry has its own rules to live by, its own expectations, and its own operational nuances. Each company within our unique industries also has its own characteristics. Fortunately, the... Read More»

Lessons in Setting a Project Schedule
By Jerry Perone
Deadlines! They can be like quicksand. The harder we fight to meet deadlines, the more of them we seem to miss. The anxiety practically whispers in your ear, "you're about... Read More»

Seeing Clearly with Scope
By Jerry Perone
Upon starting a recent project, my team and our clients gathered for discussion. We wanted to talk about this new project and collaborate about scope. For the clients, we were... Read More»

What to Know, Do, and Think About
By Lisa DiTullio
I rarely make resolutions for the New Year. I broke the practice of listing too many ambitious goals with unrealistic deadlines and little moral support years ago. Now, I maintain... Read More»

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Emerging FAC makes new Project Managers a Hot Acquisition
By Jerry Perone
The market shifts from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, and year to year. Changing markets supply new opportunity for project managers. During the recent blizzard that... Read More»

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