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Matt Glei

Matt Glei

Matt Glei is Managing Partner of Know-how Consulting in Honolulu, Hawaii. This consultancy provides performance coaching in areas such as collaboration, knowledge management, intellectual property, virtual teams, as well as program, project and risk management. Matt also has long experience in product development, managing project portfolios and strategic planning.

Matt has spent his 30-year career in high technology and medical product development and operations, managing at companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Nellcor, and Hoana Medical. His background includes significant periods in Research & Development, Operations as well as Marketing. His career includes five-person start-ups, all the way to 350 M$ high-volume businesses with thousands of employees. As different as these company situations appear, the fundamental performance problems remain the same.

Matt is one of the co-founders of

What IS a Quality Management System, Anyway?
By Matt Glei
For many years I worked in a regulated industry, medical devices. In 1999, when I joined people to help create, I thought - wow, project management in non-regulated industries... Read More»

Risk Management, in the REAL World
By Matt Glei
One of the things I've observed in life, in attending PMP prep classes and teaching those classes since, is that most project managers don't spend much time or effort in... Read More»

Managing Projects in the Medical Device Marketplace
By Matt Glei
I have been a Project or Program Manager, Director or VP in medical device companies for the last 30 years. Over those years the level of rigor and professionalism has... Read More»

Taking Stock of 2009
By Matt Glei
As 2010 starts, many ponder what is in store for this new year. One of the most useful things I have learned over the years is to take a short... Read More»

Eating Your Own Cooking
By Matt Glei
Some years back I did a Thanksgiving timeline in Microsoft Project for I had actually developed it for a complicated Thanksgiving one year in a manual form, so I... Read More»

Managing Competing Projects
By Matt Glei
This is not a commercial. About a year ago I re-established my consultancy in project management, the first time in six years. After a year of networking and building a... Read More»

Project Management in Your Own Life
By Matt Glei
In many professions, applying your professional skills to your personal life doesn’t always work out as you might expect. Not all financial planning professionals become rich. Nurses and doctors are... Read More»

Process Management - A Hitchhiker's Guide
By Matt Glei
I've spent big chunks of my time over the years building good product development, quality system and business processes. I've always believed that a solid, well-thought-out business or development process... Read More»

Community Events - the Show Must Go On...
By Matt Glei
Matt Glei, PMP I recently completed a community service project. I volunteered to be the Chair of the Logistics Committee for the second annual Independence Day Celebration in Maunalua Bay,... Read More»

There Will Be SOME Form of Execution
By Matt Glei
As a project manager for the last 30 years or so, I've seen many projects go off-track. In the real world, almost every project is challenged at one point or... Read More»

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