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Margaret de Haan

Margaret de Haan

Margaret de Haan has worked in Project Management for the past 25 years in a wide variety of industries including Advertising, Insurance and Construction, always being technology focused. She has held a variety of management roles throughout her career including Vice President of Project Execution, Technical Project Manager, and most recently, Manager of Application Integration. She is currently working in the Information Technology division of a Medical Devices company in South Florida assisting in the development of the Project Management Division and PM structure within the organization. Prior to that, Margaret spent five years as an independent consultant assisting small and medium size businesses navigate through a number of business challenges, assisting in the setup of Project Management Offices, and providing KPI’s and roadmaps to gauge Project and corporate growth. Margaret is PMP and CSM certified, and has an MBA as well as two undergraduate degrees. She has her hands full at home with her husband and twin boys, and currently lives in South Florida.

“We” versus “Us & Them”
By Margaret de Haan
Just this past weekend my team and I were up at 4am for the deployment of a Software Project that had been in development for quite a few months. The... Read More»

Deliverables as Interview Tools
By Margaret de Haan
Many of my associates spend a lot of time looking at new ways of getting the best tools for their projects, and one day a few weeks ago I was... Read More»

The Art of Parenting and Project Management
By Margaret de Haan
I recently took my twins in for their yearly checkup at the Pediatrician’s office, and for those of you with kids, you know that they send you home with a... Read More»

Think Simple Whenever Possible
By Margaret de Haan
I recently went through the exercise of bringing on a contractor for a six month period to assist with an overload of analysis on various Project efforts. I am continuously... Read More»

Think and Work Differently
By Margaret de Haan
For any of you that have ever read anything that I have posted in the past, you know that I always lean towards doing what makes sense rather than what... Read More»

Learning by "Dancing with Pigs"
By Margaret de Haan
As I was doing some surfing lately, I came across an article on "Dancing with Pigs" (Scrum Alliance, July 6, 2011, Timothy D. Korson) that had the statement "when the... Read More»

The Criticality of Common, Concrete Language
By Margaret de Haan
I have recently joined a company that is in its Project Management infancy, and I have come on board to assist in creating a PMO with all of the bells... Read More»

"Manage That Pipeline!"
By Margaret de Haan
OK, so for those of you that manage the Project pipeline, I'm sure that many if not most of you have experienced those Charters that don't get approved, or die.... Read More»

Cut those bugs in half!
By Margaret de Haan
Recently I had a conversation with a friend that had had a very interesting question from a Manager during an interview. After I figured out the answer, I realized that... Read More»

Sometimes Basic is Best
By Margaret de Haan
I found myself in an overwhelming situation a while ago where a large amount of Projects, in various stages, got dropped on me to manage with very little documentation and... Read More»

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