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Lisa DiTullio

Lisa DiTullio

As past director of the project management office (PMO) at Boston-based Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, she was a core member of the turnaround team for an organization that went from being placed in State-supervised receivership in 1999 to being the #1 Health Plan in America on the U.S. News & World Report/ NCQA America's Best Health Plans three years in a row and the Highest Rated Plan in the Northeast for member satisfaction according to the JD Power and Associates 2007 National Health Insurance Plan Satisfaction Study.

Today, Lisa's a leading force in project and business management. She is the principal of Lisa DiTullio & Associates, dedicated to the set-up and management of enterprise project management office models. She is the editor of ProjectBestPractices, a quarterly newsletter from ProjectWorld, and a contributor to PM Network Magazine. She's also the author of Simple Solutions: How "Enterprise Project Management" Supported Harvard Pilgrim Health Care's Journey from Near Collapse to #1.

It's a Small, Small World, Part II
By Lisa DiTullio
Last month, I identified five common project management challenges in business today. Last month, I talked about how PMO's continue to get a bad rap. Today, let's talk about our... Read More»

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It's a Small, Small World
By Lisa DiTullio
I have conducted a significant amount of international business this year. While spanning the globe, I realize it is a small, small world. Countries, cultures and landscapes may differ, but... Read More»

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Do I Have To?
By Lisa DiTullio
As I child, how many times were you told to clean your room, pick up your toys, or empty the trash? I typically responded to parental requests with a whiny,... Read More»

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Unanswered Questions
By Lisa DiTullio
It doesn't matter what form of communications is, when the recipient does't respond, it's frustrating. What do you do? When establishing the relationship with your project sponsor, be sure to... Read More»

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A Winning Team
By Lisa DiTullio
Do you remember standing toe-to-the-line in gym class, waiting to be picked as teams were called? If you weren't born with natural athletic ability, your best chance for being selected... Read More»

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The PMO Fish That Got Away (You Should Have Seen it!)
By Lisa DiTullio
The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope. ~John Buchan Probably the biggest challenge associated... Read More»

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What to Know, Do, and Think About
By Lisa DiTullio
I rarely make resolutions for the New Year. I broke the practice of listing too many ambitious goals with unrealistic deadlines and little moral support years ago. Now, I maintain... Read More»

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Do You Stand Out?
By Lisa DiTullio
The latest national unemployment report shows a slight decline, suggesting we are on the road to recovery. I suspect it will be a long recovery, given the fact we are... Read More»

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It's a New World
By Lisa DiTullio
I am thrilled to report my affiliation with a new professional association, and I am quite excited to finally share it with you. Yes, and I think you will find... Read More»

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The Great Divide
By Lisa DiTullio
There is a growing divide between senior leaders and project managers. Senior executives view project management as administrative overhead; project managers view senior leaders as disinterested. Who's right? Depending upon... Read More»

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