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J. LeRoy Ward

J. LeRoy Ward

J. LeRoy Ward Ward is President of Ward Associates ( a boutique firm that helps organizations improve their performance in project, program and portfolio management. With more than 39 years of experience in the field, his insights, perspectives, and advice have been sought by hundreds of companies and government agencies around the world.

He has substantive experience in client relationship management, product strategy, consulting, and portfolio management which have helped many clients win the prestigious Excellence in Practice Award from the Association of Talent Development (formerly the American Society of Training and Development- ASTD).

Mr. Ward is a recognized thought leader having presented to more than 200,000 professionals where his keynote addresses, marked by his hallmark humor, storytelling and pragmatic advice, have resonated with audiences around the world.

An author of nine publications and more than 40 articles in project management, he has also been quoted in a wide variety of publications including PMNetwork, the Financial Times, and CLO, and he has been featured on a major network broadcast.

Mr. Ward holds BS and MS degrees in geography and an MSTM in computer systems management. He is certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as a PMP, PgMP and PfMP, and by the Scrum Alliance as a CSM. He was named the 2013 Winner of PMI's Eric Jenett Award for Project Management Excellence. He may be contacted at

The Iron Triangle is alive and well!
By J LeRoy Ward
Anyone involved in project management knows what the Iron Triangle is. It represents the traditional triple constraints evident in every project: namely, scope, time and cost. For years project management... Read More»

Strategic Execution: The New Language of the C Suite
By J LeRoy Ward
If you work for a project-based business whose executives understand what project management is and the value it has for an organization, and who use the words and terms “project,”... Read More»

Are you a Theory X (project) manager in Theory Y clothing? You're not fooling anyone!
By J LeRoy Ward
According to Wikipedia “Theory X and Theory Y are theories of human motivation that were created and developed by Douglas McGregor at the MIT Sloan School of Management in the... Read More»

What does a war in Ukraine, and Chinese government policies, have to do with project success in the luxury goods business? Plenty!
By J LeRoy Ward
A recent New York Times article described how geopolitical events have impacted sales in the luxury goods market. Falling revenues at Gucci, one of the oldest and most famous designers... Read More»

Six Steps for Developing a Governance Model for Strategic Portfolio Management (Part 2)
By J LeRoy Ward
In Part 1 of this article (found here) I advanced the idea that the Governance Model is the “engine room” of strategic portfolio management and discussed the first 3 questions... Read More»

Six Steps for Developing a Governance Model for Strategic Portfolio Management (Part 1)
By J LeRoy Ward
I started thinking about what it takes to build a governance model for strategic portfolio management more than 15 years ago, and I still haven’t stopped thinking about it because... Read More»

What’s the biggest risk an IT project manager faces?
By J LeRoy Ward
We’ve all read the grim statistics regarding IT projects. For years, such highly respected organizations as Standish, Gartner, Forrester, the Government Accountability Office, and others, have reported high failure and... Read More»

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