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Jeff Richardson

Jeff Richardson

Jeff Richardson has over a 16 years of experience working with cross-cultural project teams and leaders at Global 1000 companies, high-tech startups and universities in the US and Japan. Jeff's engineering and OD background combined with an expertise designing experiential teambuilding activities enables him to create highly engaging and technically relevant workshops and webinars. Jeff wrote the book on project team startup at a Fortune 50 company while facilitating 34 internal startup programs and supporting M&A process integration efforts. He relocated to Silicon Valley to start his own consulting company specializing in leading cross-cultural project teams. He's worked in the US and across Asia with globally diverse companies like GE, Cisco, Hitachi, Toshiba, KPMG, Intuit, Bank of Tokyo to name a few. As an educator, Jeff was one of the lead designers for Stanford's Advanced Project Management Program, in addition to designing/teaching project leadership programs at San Jose State and UC Santa Cruz – Extension. More recently, Jeff's been designing and facilitating Global Leadership and Team Effectiveness workshops at some of the most prestigious universities in Japan, including Keio, Kyoto, Tohoku, Nagoya and Akita. Mr. Richardson has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in OD & Change Management, in addition to a CQ Certification from the Center for Cultural Intelligence.

Stretch Your Team to Achieve More
By Jeff Richardson
A recently trending Harvard Business Review article talked about the challenges involved with setting 'stretch goals'. They claims that in environemnts with poor leadership, teams can often be demotivated fostering... Read More»

Establishing YOUR Project Team's Culture
By Jeff Richardson
You can tell the difference between an effective and ineffective team by simply observing ONE meeting. The underlying set of agreements becomes very apparent to an outsider, while team members... Read More»

Adapting to Our Partners' Perspective
By Jeff Richardson
Partnering is an evolving practice that is essential for survival in our rapidly growing global economy. On the surface the process seems simple and the savings substantial, but lying below... Read More»

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Creating New Team Connections
By Jeff Richardson
Resist the urge to “get right to work” when bringing new team members together to launch a new project. As the project manager, you’ve already gotten a head start by... Read More»

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Aligning People on Multi-Cultural Project Teams
By Jeff Richardson
Doesn’t it feel like sometimes the deck is stacked against you? Project success seems elusive as business complexity reaches a tipping point. I miss the days when technology innovation was... Read More»

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Networking for Risk Mitigation
By Jeff Richardson
There are an infinite number of ways to improve project performance, theoretically speaking. Unfortunately most are too risky, costly, complex or creative to be accepted by executives who are focused... Read More»

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