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Project Safety
By Morley Selver, P.Eng IPMA B
HSSE - What’s That? HSSE stands for Health, Safety, Security, and Environment. In the old days, it was one of the issues that people had a tendency to let slide.... Read More»

Managing in Superstar Cultures
By Ed Reynolds
Do you want everybody on your team to be a superstar? Having lots of superstars can be an ego boost for a manager and even make the day-to-day work go... Read More»

7 Things a Project Manager Should NOT Be Doing
By Brian Irwin
There is no shortage of information on the activity, processes, and tasks that project managers should be performing. It is more difficult to find information on those activities project managers should not be doing. Add value by NOT doing these 7 things. Read More»

Managing Key Talent
By Ed Reynolds
Every manager with more than 3 direct reports can identify somebody on their team as "key talent." These are the employees that know what is and isn't working in the... Read More»

Managing the Administrivia
By Ed Reynolds
Sometimes the paperwork and administrative tasks required by an organization are daunting, especially at review time. And as managers, there are so many more important things to do than all... Read More»

Returning to the Blogosphere
By Jerry Perone
Good day out there to everyone in the blogiverse. I've been away far too long but I've had some very hectic and busy months working with a few organizations to... Read More»

Managing Up
By Ed Reynolds
We all know doing a great job is rarely enough to be successful as a manager. Sometimes, understanding the nuances of your boss' personality is a lot more important than... Read More»

Hiring Better Than You
By Ed Reynolds
The current environment levies huge taxes on any leader. The economy is forcing business model changes. Technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed, at once increasing and confusing options. Digital... Read More»

When Are We a Team?
By Ed Reynolds
Most of the time, we're only a team because we report to the same boss. We help the boss achieve their objectives but we work on different things. How can... Read More»

Do you need sales skills as a project manager?
By Alfonso Bucero
During many years I believed project managers did not need sales skills. My perception was that sales people in general did not say what they believed and did not act... Read More»

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