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Why Not Link Projects to Strategy?
By Randy Englund
Barriers to Implementation It is relatively easy to develop models for selecting portfolios of projects that are thorough and integrate objective and subjective data. When all is said and done,... Read More»

Challenging the Way We Work and Manage
By Brian Irwin
As I work on writing my next book, my research is increasingly supporting the premise that we are working under a very outdated model of management. In this post, I... Read More»

What IS a Quality Management System, Anyway?
By Matt Glei
For many years I worked in a regulated industry, medical devices. In 1999, when I joined people to help create, I thought - wow, project management in non-regulated industries... Read More»

It's a New World
By Lisa DiTullio
I am thrilled to report my affiliation with a new professional association, and I am quite excited to finally share it with you. Yes, and I think you will find... Read More»

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Process Management - A Hitchhiker's Guide
By Matt Glei
I've spent big chunks of my time over the years building good product development, quality system and business processes. I've always believed that a solid, well-thought-out business or development process... Read More»

Community Events - the Show Must Go On...
By Matt Glei
Matt Glei, PMP I recently completed a community service project. I volunteered to be the Chair of the Logistics Committee for the second annual Independence Day Celebration in Maunalua Bay,... Read More»

Resist the urge to have everyone do everything
By Margaret de Haan
In a prior one of my blogs "times are tough" I mentioned the joy of doing more with less. I realize that this is a current fact of life, but... Read More»

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