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Ed Reynolds

Ed Reynolds

Ed Reynolds is a management veteran of over 20 years. After being dubbed "little Hitler" by one of his first direct reports, he began a career-long quest to identify and practice good management skills. His blog is focused on real-world management skills, including delegating, coaching, managing up and other topics of interest for first-time and veteran managers. You won't find much of this in textbooks – Ed writes from firsthand experiences.

Ed is currently a Global Account Manager for Symantec, calling on major OEMS like HP and Dell. Prior to Symantec, Ed held executive positions in marketing and product management at Dell, Compaq and Motorola. He also spent four years as the CMO for a fabless semiconductor startup in the security space. Before joining the supply side, Ed held IT management positions in the financial services industry, including commercial banking and brokerage. He has managed in-house consultants, cross-functional teams, data center operations people, product managers, product marketers, software, hardware, applications and systems engineers, business development and sales people.

Ed holds a BS in Marketing from Western Illinois and an MBA in Economics/Finance from Northwestern.

When Are We a Team?
By Ed Reynolds
Most of the time, we're only a team because we report to the same boss. We help the boss achieve their objectives but we work on different things. How can... Read More»

Coaching - The Rocket Science of Managing
By Ed Reynolds
So, if you delegate well, you're supposed to stay completely out of the picture, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. Now that you've delegated, you need to make... Read More»

Manage Your Communications
By Ed Reynolds
When should you use an email, the phone, or handle communication in person? People like to receive their communication in different ways and it can vary depending on what you... Read More»

Delegating - Just Let Go!
By Ed Reynolds
You really can't do everything yourself, you know. That's why they made you a manager in the first place. At a minimum, you need to break for lunch, so you... Read More»

Practicing Followship - Not For Wussies!
By Ed Reynolds
Recognizing great leadership qualities and putting them into practice are two different things. Incredibly different. "Little Hitler" is a really tough guy to get rid of... You can always spend... Read More»

What Makes a Good Leader?
By Ed Reynolds
What makes a good leader? Is it a boss that you like? The guy (no gender implied when I say "guy") that has all the great ideas? A charismatic, smooth... Read More»

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