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DeAnna Burghart

DeAnna Burghart

DeAnna Burghart is Director of Corporate Services for, where she coordinates the technical development, customer relationship management, and corporate product development efforts for their quarter-million members. She is a professional coach and trainer by training and a project manager by chance. DeAnna's introduction to formal project management came from materials planning in the aerospace industry and database administration within a major utility company. Since then she has acquired over a decade of experience as a web project manager—mostly as the projects fell into her unsuspecting lap—facilitating and overseeing design projects and marketing efforts for several start-ups and established small businesses before joining ProjectConnections. As a result, she has a deep sympathy for and understanding of the so-called accidental project manager—the hair-on-fire PM who got handed a flaming project and told, "Go build something. I'd like a progress report next Friday."

DeAnna has a B.S. in Organizational Communications and has significant experience in coaching and training, online focus groups, marketing analysis, and web-based seminar development. She has co-authored papers and delivered presentations on a variety of subjects from community theory to software training to management techniques, and edited Kimberly Wiefling's Scrappy Project Management, published in September 2007. Her particular project management interests involve communicating effectively in business settings; applying reasonable project management techniques to the myriad small and tiny projects that crop up in day-to-day work; balancing adequate documentation against the entirely sensible drive to avoid death by paper-pushing; and helping project managers find and recognize the tools that work best for their situation, so they can send their team (and themselves) home on time for a change.

17 Great IFTTT Recipes for Project Managers
By DeAnna Burghart
IFTTT (stands for "IF This, Then That") is an automation tool for linking apps, devices, and an ever-growing list of Internet of Things gadgets. These recipes will make it easier to manage your project communication automatically. Read More»

Automated Project Scheduling in Excel
By DeAnna Burghart
Have you ever wished you could see a simple project's tasks laid out on a calendar without wrestling with MS Project or similar scheduling software? Maybe you don't have scheduling... Read More»

Projects Have Always Been Hard (Until Now)
By DeAnna Burghart
Projects have always been hard, especially long projects with sprawling scopes, conflicting stakeholder requirements, and impossible budgets and timelines. Basically, we've bought into our own PR, and it's a total fiction. And the proof is right in our history books. Read More»

Book Review: Grateful Leadership
By DeAnna Burghart
When did you last acknowledge someone? I don't mean a simple thank you, but a sincere, "mushy" expression of appreciation and admiration, a "heartfelt and authentic communication that lets people... Read More»

You Call That a Good Meeting?
By DeAnna Burghart
"Great meeting," was absolutely the last feedback I'd expected to receive. It had been one of those days, and as a result I'd walked into a big planning session totally unprepared and five minutes late. I presented my apologies and launched into what felt like a fast and loose high-level meeting, got consensus around a few items, and got the group to agree to a second session next month. Total time spent: about 40 minutes for what was supposed to be a highly detailed one-hour one-off meeting. Read More»

Do Templates Really Save Time?
By DeAnna Burghart
Since ProjectConnections is in large part a template repository, that’s the sort of question that would normally raise eyebrows. But I couldn’t help asking it when this cartoon popped up in my Feedly feed last week. The joke here, of course, is the time that was spent compiling the chart. But at the same time, this is a great reminder about proportional effort in your process improvements. Read More»

Has Anyone Seen Fluffy?
By DeAnna Burghart
How many personality types do you have? If you've ever worked for a large organization, you've probably gone through at least a few different workshops, like DiSC, Enneagram, MBTI, and... Read More»

What Do You Want?
By DeAnna Burghart
Next time you're stuck in a meeting or conversation that seems to be going around and around (and around and around), stop and ask one simple question: "What do you... Read More»

Your Project Needs a Better Life
By DeAnna Burghart
"When was the last time you described a project as being full of life?" Questions like this challenge our perspective on projects and teams, perhaps even the very nature of... Read More»

Why Project Kickoffs Matter
By DeAnna Burghart
A friend of mine said something this morning that inspired me the minute he said it: Teamwork in random teams has to start with you. Most people don't inherently work... Read More»

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