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Getting Acceptance From A Resistant User Community
By Margaret de Haan
This entry is late, as I have started it many times and each time I read the results it sounded like a boring textbook. So, I've decided to attack this... Read More»

How can one size fit all?
By Margaret de Haan
I've been discussing a lot of development philosophies lately, and I find it amazing how many people think that one methodology (theirs) is superior to all others in all situations.... Read More»

Input Requested.......
By Margaret de Haan
I, as many of us are, am currently looking for a new full-time opportunity - a new long-term position where I can hang my hat. As I go through the... Read More»

Keeping the Band Aid Affixed
By Ann Drinkwater
In a perfect world we would all work on new projects, new technologies and everything would fall into place perfectly. Unfortunately this is usually never the case, at least the... Read More»

Unnecessarily Creating a Custom Business
By Ann Drinkwater
I am often faced with the challenge of deciding what features to implement, when to implement them and even what features and requests simply are not feasible within current IT... Read More»

Software for All that Ails
By Ann Drinkwater
In software development, many of us are responsible for improving the day to day operations and corresponding efficiencies of our users. We are often asked to create a system to... Read More»

Agile Adoption Pitfalls: Don't Forget the Tests!
By Brandon Carlson
Agile software development offers organizations an approach to software development that promises to deliver higher quality software faster than traditional project management approaches. As Agile gains popularity, more people than... Read More»

Tracking Change: Identification & Categorization - Part II
By Ann Drinkwater
Last month I talked about the three main categories of change requests – primarily from a software/product development perspective. There are numerous things we can do to help mitigate change... Read More»

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