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From Zero to SME in a few weeks
By Kent McDonald
In a previous blog post, I mentioned the question of whether business analysts should be subject matter experts in the domain of the project. I personally don't think that BA's... Read More»

Getting Control of Charge-Backs
By Niel Nickolaisen
I recently participated in a study that assessed how many of us are using some type of IT charge-back program and, if we do have such a thing in place,... Read More»

Standards Only Go So Far
By Kent McDonald
The other day I ran into a co-worker who seemed a bit preoccupied. "Hi Pat, how's it going?" I asked seeking to distract her from her preoccupation. "Oh, they could... Read More»

Managing the Common Cold... as a Project
By Margaret de Haan
In that all of us long-term Project Managers see just about everything as a Project, I decided to put this to the test. As you can probably guess, I'm presently... Read More»

Let's start them young! (Great PMs and team members)
By Cinda Voegtli
Quick post on a gratifying PM education moment this week. One thing I've found fun about having a kid is the opportunity to teach some important lessons way before they... Read More»

Keeping the Band Aid Affixed
By Ann Drinkwater
In a perfect world we would all work on new projects, new technologies and everything would fall into place perfectly. Unfortunately this is usually never the case, at least the... Read More»

Walking the fine line of project management
By Nova Rose
There is a fine line between project manager and subject matter expert and unless close attention is paid to roles and responsibilities, this line can be easily blurred and in... Read More»

Software for All that Ails
By Ann Drinkwater
In software development, many of us are responsible for improving the day to day operations and corresponding efficiencies of our users. We are often asked to create a system to... Read More»

When No One Can Decide
By Ann Drinkwater
What do you do when key business stakeholders cannot make a decision needed for project success? Making it for them isn't effective and will not help your working relationship. If... Read More»

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