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Brandon Carlson

Project Manager, GeoLearning

Are we Agile?
By Brandon Carlson
I do a lot of teaching about Agile Software Development and the one question I receive time and time again is "How do I know when I'm Agile?". It's a... Read More»

Introduction to Cumulative Flow Diagrams
By Brandon Carlson
I often hear of IT managers discussing their staffing woes and looking for ways to get budget for additional staff. In this episode I'll recount a fictitious (or so you... Read More»

I'm So Smart: An Agile Antipattern
By Brandon Carlson
It never ceases to amaze me that, while I've been "Agile" for so many years now, I still find myself occasionally falling back to old habits. What bad habit? The... Read More»

Limit WIP to Identify Roadblocks
By Brandon Carlson
In a previous post I pointed out how limiting WIP helps to improve QA utilization. In this post, I'll discuss another area where limiting WIP can make your team more... Read More»

ROI Based Prioritization
By Brandon Carlson
When prioritizing the backlog one question that nearly always comes up is "What does this cost?" It's an honest question, especially from the business stakeholders. They would like to get... Read More»

Limit Work In Process To Improve QA Utilization
By Brandon Carlson
After adopting an Agile process, many teams find that the time boxed iterations are great for developers. By focusing their efforts on the following two weeks, we can limit the... Read More»

Agile Adoption Pitfalls: Don't Forget the Tests!
By Brandon Carlson
Agile software development offers organizations an approach to software development that promises to deliver higher quality software faster than traditional project management approaches. As Agile gains popularity, more people than... Read More»

FAQ: How do I deal with late Agile projects?
By Brandon Carlson
How do I deal with late Agile projects? A couple of weeks ago I was approached by some folks considering making the transition to Agile software development. Having done some... Read More»

Batch and Queue or Single Piece Flow?
By Brandon Carlson
As an adjunct instructor at a local college I spend a fair amount of time working at home in the evenings and on weekends. Having three children in the house... Read More»

Self-organizing Commute
By Brandon Carlson
I was on my morning commute a couple of months back when I approached a rather busy intersection. I normally don't think too much about traffic but this time was... Read More»

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