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Who Else is Pretending?
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes Pretending to work while at work. Life’s ultimate quandary. You have eight hours between those four walls and only two hours of work. How do you... Read More»

If Not Experience, Then What? Part 3
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes Last week, competition was discussed as another factor in the war against experience. Being competitive is part of the game. Hierarchies naturally form. Also, facing higher... Read More»

If Not Experience, Then What?
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes The early 2000’s Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball (MLB) used analytics to perfection. They scouted players who had very little name value yet huge upside... Read More»

Are You Stressed?
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes “Stressed is the achiever word for ‘fear.’” – Tony Robbins Everyone is stressed. Just look at social media reminding everyone to breathe and relax. Deadlines are... Read More»

Seek to Solve Problems
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes Back in June 2018, I wrote an article laying out ten characteristics every successful project manager possesses. As the questions and comments rolled in, I began... Read More»

Are You Complete...or Incomplete? The answer makes a difference
By Randy Englund
Do you have…or are ready to develop…a complete portfolio of skills, knowledge, and attitude that is the right set for you to excel in today’s competitive environment? Much like organic... Read More»

Are You a Habitual Dieter?
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes “Someone who lives a healthy lifestyle and is in habit of exercising does not respond to ‘six easy steps to losing weight.’ It’s those who don’t... Read More»

Jungle vs. Farm: What's Your Environment?
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes Amal Easton, a Renzo Gracie black belt and owner of Easton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, recently appeared on a podcast to discuss his martial arts journey. While... Read More»

The Mind and Body of Project Management
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 4 minutes I had an English professor my sophomore year in college that said something that will always stick with me. In a rant about athletics, he stated... Read More»

[How to] Make Stone Soup
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes This story is paraphrased from the book Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World by Peter Diamandis: Soldiers stood on the outskirts... Read More»

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