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Ann Drinkwater

Ann Drinkwater

Ann's twenty years of professional experience has focused on consulting and managing within the disciplines of project management, software development, organizational design, business management and marketing. She has worked with multiple organizations to customize project and software delivery programs, focusing on continuous improvement and the resulting quality of all project interaction and deliverables. For optimal project value and goal attainment, she brings an integrated marketing view to all projects, ensuring all aspects of promotion and positioning are integrated within the project planning and delivery processes.

Educationally Ann holds four degrees and multiple certificates spanning twelve years of formal university training, including a Master of Science in Technology Management and Executive Education Programs completed at the University of Notre Dame and Villanova University. She has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2004, a certified ScrumMaster since 2007 and has been a member of the Washington D.C. Chapter of the Project Management Institute since 2003.

Her contributions to the project management industry include dozens of published articles in leading industry journals and online communities such as: Cutter Consortium, Project Connections, Projects at Work, PM Boulevard, PM Hut and eZine Articles. Her viewpoints are focused on the blending of industry standards and best practices with practical wisdom. From a business and technology standpoint, Ann is an active book reviewer for, a Division of Software Quality Engineering.

Determining Cultural Fit
By Ann Drinkwater
The time has come. You have started to pursue new endeavors and want to make the right choice. It can seem daunting and change can be tough. While the devil... Read More»

Project Chronicles
By Ann Drinkwater
Documenting the good and bad within your project, with your stakeholders and teams is very beneficial. Through the process you will gain a strong historical account of events which can... Read More»

Managing the Manager
By Ann Drinkwater
Your organization has decided to outsource a project to an external firm. In some cases, the organization may allow your team to manage the project, but more often than not, the organization may want full reign and to manage the engagement themselves. What does this mean to the project manager from the client organization? Depending on your company’s project management philosophy (i.e. do they see project management as a scheduling function, or someone that truly manages the project and risk), this type of agreement may be more challenging than you first think. Read More»

The Opportunity & Challenge of Being First
By Ann Drinkwater
The start-up of a formal project management function requires initiative and perseverance. If you or an organization you work for is looking to hire a project management professional, there are several areas that must be considered from both the employee and organizational perspective. The project manager in this type of environment must understand surrounding processes will likely be fairly immature and there will be many areas of groundwork and the establishment of a framework that must be completed before you can begin doing day-to-day or tactical project management. Read More»

Human Quality Considerations
By Ann Drinkwater
In our personal lives, we review reports and conduct research to determine product quality, durability and other measures. For professional services, such as medical care, we ensure our providers have the necessary credentials and experience. We also know that quality is important in our professional lives, but seem to be more willing to make substitutions when it comes to acquiring human resources to fulfill our projects. Would you want someone without the necessary credentials and experience performing a high-risk medical procedure? The same thoroughness and requirements should be applied to our projects and organizations. Read More»

Project Baggage
By Ann Drinkwater
Have you ever closed a project, yet you feel like the team or other stakeholders have not fully let go? For highly interactive, stellar projects this type of post project “high” can be very positive and infectious. However, even when a project is deemed a success, there are often people or issues that surface during the project or even post project that should be addressed. Read More»

Bureaucratic Barriers to Agile
By Ann Drinkwater
We have all heard of the Agile Manifesto, which lists agile principles. But what does this mean for your business? How can you move from thinking agile sounds like a good idea to actually reaping the benefits? Read More»

A Blessing and a Curse
By Ann Drinkwater
Is being an expert in a field or practice a blessing and a curse? Possibly. If someone is deemed an expert and the most qualified in a certain area, that person may be more burdened and utilized than their counterparts. Businesses often look at the fastest approach and the short term direction that will involve less risk and cost. Read More»

Passion vs. Emotion
By Ann Drinkwater
Passion versus emotion, do you know the difference? The Merriam Webster online dictionary lists emotion as "a disturbance, excitement, feeling, a conscious mental reaction subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually... Read More»

Proper Methods for Resource Planning
By Ann Drinkwater
Controlling and micro managing creative, knowledge workers generally doesn't work. Conversely, providing an arbitrary delivery date or even allowing the team to completely self regulate work without a delivery date,... Read More»

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