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Alfonso Bucero

Alfonso Bucero

Alfonso Bucero, DEA, PMP (Project Management Profesional), is the founder and Managing Partner of BUCERO PM Consulting. He managed IIL Spain for almost two years, and he was a Senior Project Manager at Hewlett-Packard Spain (Madrid Office) for thirteen years.

Alfonso is a PMI member, a member of ALI (Asociación de Licenciados, Ingenieros y Doctores en Informática), AEIPRO (IPMA member) and DINTEL's advisor. Alfonso was the founder, Sponsor, and President of PMI Barcelona, Spain Chapter until April 2005, and he is an IPMA Asessor. He was a member of the CoPAT (Congress Project Action Team) of PMI EMEA 2005 Congress in Edinburgh, 2006 PMI EMEA Congress in Madrid, and PMI EMEA Congress in Budapest. He graduated from The "Leadership Institute Master Class 2007" in October 2007 in Atlanta (PMI Global Congress). Now he is the President of PMI Madrid Spain Chapter.

Alfonso has a Computer Science Engineering degree from "Universidad Politécnica (Madrid)", and now he is finishing his Phd. in "Project Management" at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. He has 27 years of practical experience and twenty two of them in project management worldwide. He has managed and consulted on projects in several countries across Europe.

Since 1994, he has been a frequent speaker at International PM Congresses and Symposiums. Alfonso has delivered PM training and consulting services in Spain, Mexico, UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Costa Rica, Brazil, USA, and Singapore. As a Project Management believer, he defends that Passion, Persistence and Patience are keys for project success.

Influencing decisions
By Alfonso Bucero
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The art of giving by taking
By Alfonso Bucero
Project manager generosity is a scarce resource. As projects grow harder and complex, generosity becomes even scarcer. As generosity becomes scarcer, it becomes more valuable. As a project manager you... Read More»

The Power of Influence
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Project Manager's serenity
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Do you ever “fume” and “fret”? Many of us, as project managers make life unnecessary difficult for themselves by dissipating power and energy through fuming and fretting. Sometimes we, as... Read More»

Develop your character
By Alfonso Bucero
How a project manager, as a leader, deals with the circumstances of projects tells you many things about his character. Project crisis does not necessarily make character, but it certainly... Read More»

Winning or losing?
By Alfonso Bucero
Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes stated, “The man who is prepared has his battle half-fought”. I believe this has been absolutely true for me during my professional life as a... Read More»

By Alfonso Bucero
My motto is Passion, Persistence and Patience. I define myself as an enthusiastic professional, I never achieved great results the first time I tried something, and I always need to... Read More»

Are you listening to me or hearing me?
By Alfonso Bucero
Communication is a critical skill for project managers. Some leaders are able to listen to and other people are always hearing instead of listening to their membership. Every time that... Read More»

Are you stressed as a project manager?
By Alfonso Bucero
We are living difficult times where budget and money are on the mind of most Executives in organizations. On the other hand more and more project managers are fired in... Read More»

Complaining about your projects or trying a different way?
By Alfonso Bucero
How often do you complain? If you are wondering whether you complain too much, simply ask your colleagues or your project stakeholders. They will let you know. Now, when I... Read More»

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