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Alan Zucker

Alan Zucker

Alan Zucker has over 25 years of hands-on experience managing projects and programs and leading project organizations. Alan’s first major project was automating the United States Treasury security auctions in the wake of the Salomon Brothers scandal.

Alan then spent 14 years in the telecommunications industry during the exciting post-deregulation period. Alan worked his way up from being a project manager to leading a business application team of project managers, business analysts and acceptance testers. He also established the first PMO within the CFO organization, leading cross-organizational strategic initiatives.

For the past eight years, Alan has worked in the financial services industry. For the first five years he was part of the PMO within the CFO organization. In this role Alan managed and supported major strategic programs. Since 2011, Alan has led a project management services organization that employs nearly 100 project mangers and is responsible for managing over 250 projects a year.

Alan has decided that it is time to share his experiences with the greater project management community.

Feel free to connect with Alan on LinkedIn.

The Daily Stand-Up Meeting: Best Practices
By Alan Zucker
Lean and Agile organizations have harnessed the power of the stand-up meeting as a valuable process tool. The stand-up is an efficient and effective way to communicate. It promotes transparency... Read More»

What Are They Saying About You? “You are not in the room for the conversations that impact your career.” Farley Price I was having dinner with an old friend and colleague. We were talking about the arc of our careers and the events that brought us
By Alan Zucker
“You are not in the room for the conversations that impact your career.” Farley Price I was having dinner with an old friend and colleague. We were talking about the... Read More»

Kanban 101: Improving How We Work
By Alan Zucker
Kanban is a versatile and powerful tool to help you manage your work. It can be used to track personal projects, complex operations and large programs; for example, it can... Read More»

Create a Learning Environment:  Profit from Your Mistakes
By Alan Zucker
“All good lessons come at a cost. Try to learn them inexpensively.” Howard Zucker When I made a mistake as a child, my father would remind me that all lessons... Read More»

Forming a Team? Plan for Success
By Alan Zucker
Remember the last time you joined a new team or organization. What was it like? Was it awkward? Did you make decisions easily? Were expectations clear? Did the team gel... Read More»

Conducting a Successful Brainstorming Meeting
By Alan Zucker
Well facilitated brainstorming sessions are amazing. A creative, sharing atmosphere is built. Numerous ideas are generated. Participants feel productive, valued, and are enthusiastic. By contrast, poorly run meetings are horrible.... Read More»

Our Own Inspirational Stories
By Alan Zucker
I believe each of us has our own, undiscovered inspirational story. We have not recognized our own accomplishments. We have not verbalized our achievements into a personal narrative. Or, we... Read More»

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
By Alan Zucker
Ben Franklin was a an American founding father, inventor, diplomat, and philosopher. He also wrote Poor Richard’s Almanacwhich contained information for farmers and timeless adages. When it comes to project... Read More»

Value of Visual Inspection
By Alan Zucker
Recently, my wife and I took a trip. We were at the airport. Our flight was delayed. She was sitting with her back to the window and checking the flight’s... Read More»

Project Portfolio Management: Simplify the Selection Process
By Alan Zucker
Many organizations struggle with project portfolio management (PPM). On the face of it, portfolio management should be easy. We want to align our fi\unding decisions to the organization’s strategic objectives.... Read More»

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