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Find A Way Or Make One - The Will-Not-Be-Denied Power of Commitment and Resolve

By ProjectConnections Staff

“We will either find a way, or make one.” 


There's something awe-inspiring about the mountain-moving power of definite, targeted commitment and resolve. It's natural to either opt for a change in direction (an easier way) or to lose steam when encountering what seems to be insurmountable resistance.  But I like the metaphor of those small motorized toy many of us enjoyed when we were children, the ones that, when they crashed into a wall or a piece of furniture, would simply back up or in some cases even flip over and continue to soldier on, undeterred in their drive to continue moving forward no matter what. I think that's the mindset we need to embody as leaders and instill in our teams, especially when faced with a do-or-die project that absolutely has to get done, no matter what.

The ancient warriors upon encountering enemy territory would burn their ships so that they had no option of escape - they HAD to achieve their objective or die trying.  While I've yet to encounter a project where burning my ship was necessary, I definitely understand the enormous power that kind of commitment unleashes and its a power that's available to each of us as project managers. Tapping into it begins with having a crystal clear vision of what you're trying to accomplish and making sure that everyone is in agreement as to exactly what that is. Next, embrace a "we're going to get this done no matter what" mindset in all of your group activities and encourage (by example) your team to do likewise. Cultivating this perspective will allow you to generate ideas and solutions that you never would have had you gone in thinking you had a way out. 

Giving up or giving in is easy - but the fruits of success and achievement only come to those who are willing to persist in the face of seemingly intractable odds.

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