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Do you believe in your future as a project manager?

By Alfonso Bucero

Are you happy as a project manager? As a frequent traveller I asked that question to different project managers worldwide. I am blessed because as I am participating in one project and some PM consulting engagements, I have the opportunity to talk and be in relationship with many project managers from different locations and cultures. Curiously although global unemployment figures are rising by 5 million to 202 million in 2013, project managers are still required from many countries.

Then you need to feel blessed as a project manager because you have and you will have many opportunities of managing projects, not only today but also in the near future. Our society needs you to execute many projects to move forward, to have a better world to live in, to help many people, to contribute to social good. However some of you may say, well I am unempoyed now in my country (Spanish project managers are an example). However my best practice is "think globally" and reflect upon the folowing questions:

- Are we in a global world where many projects need to be managed?

- Are you conscious about our society need us?

- Did you know that skilled project managers are needed in several countries?

Then think about your future. I have an small project management business, I love my profession but since several years ago I needed to manage projects and delivering PM consulting and training services worldwide, outside my country of residence. Some colleagues think that it is like a punishment, but I think that I am blessed because I have some business and also a great opportunity to learn and share among different cultures- I can maintain my family and survive through that. That's great!

Through that philosophy I met my best friend Randall L. Englund ( who supports all my efforts and initiatives worldwide. He helps me to do an attitude check from time to time and that's great. We have written three books together and we both are open to learn. My philosophy is giving me a lot of opportunities to feel professionally alive.

I'm practising my philosophy about "Tomorrow will be better". My business continues after 12 years of dealing with projects, issues and problems but I'm happy because not only today is a good day but tomorrow will be better. It is part of my personal vision. Do you spend some time working on your personal vision? I strongly recommend you to do that. Reflect upon where you want to be in a year from now. I want to share my seven best practices with you to be a practitioner of my philosophy "Tomorrow will be better!":

1. Be focused on your blessings every day. Have a positive attitude and think about what you have, not about what you do not have.

2. Work on your personal vision as a project manager, and also as a person. Where do you want to be in a year from now?

3. Be focused on your strenghts and spend some time in converting them to excellent qualities.

4. Feed up your network and keep in touch with your contacts periodically

5. Read something positive every day and use your courage to start a new challenging project.

6. Love and respect people, telling them what they do well.

7. Explore new opportunities, be informed

Tomorrow will be better!

Alfonso Bucero, MSc, PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI Fellow

Managing Partner

BUCERO PM Consulting

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