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Returning to the Blogosphere

By Jerry Perone
Good day out there to everyone in the blogiverse. I've been away far too long but I've had some very hectic and busy months working with a few organizations to transform their project, program and portfolio management operations. I've been doing this for quite a few years now and first started while I was working for the IBM Corporation from 1991 to 1993, then again at IBM from 1998 to 2004. My recent engagements have focused on program management in the federal government and several large private sector companies. The parallels these days are amazing. Now I have enough free time to return to blogging. One thing you can be sure of with my blog. Whatever I write about will be real world, from actual experiences and observations on the ground in the trenches. I am a scientist at heart therefore I would have tried, tested and confirmed that a certain action will cause a certain reaction or result. I am not a PMBOK'er. But I am a firm believer in both PMI and the principles in the PMBOK. It is just that I think if you are going to provide advice to professionals that it must come from having been there, tried a few things and have a firm basis for recommending certain actions. This is what I hope to bring to you on my little blog here. I invite you, I ask you to read my blog, to try some of the recommendations and then let us all know your results. Then we all together can determine real best practices. I will tell you upfront that i have become convinced over these years that the management side of project management has not been emphasized enough. Management 101 would define management as "...getting things done through people..." the people aspects must be raised up beyond a single section in the PMBOK. if we cannot manage or lead the people, whether they be employees, contractors, or Indian outsourcing firms, then we will not be successful at managing our projects. I hope to see you here each week. Good night! Jerry Perone

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Do you think there is too much emphasis on tools, focusing on them for "getting things done done" rather than on people?

Joe MacNish

Looking forward to your renewed blog!

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