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The Priceless Quality of Enthusiasm

By Alfonso Bucero

Projects are not all sweetness and light, not by a great deal. However you can put new spirit, new creative skill into your project manager's job. Indeed, you can do better and better with everything. And also obtaining better and better results for your projects. I you want it, then you can do it but you ned to make a commitment for that. So we need to learn how to utilize enthusiasm in order to move into the exciting and creative segment of the successful project managers. You will find among them total agreement that enthusiasm is the priceless ingredient of personality that helps to achieve happiness and self-fulfillment.

For without enthusiasm, one would scarcely be willing to endure the self-discipline and endless toil so necessary in developing professional skill. I believe enthusiasm is the dynamic motivator that keeps one persistently working toward his goal. Many years ago I wanted to be a project manager, and the path to achieve it was not easy, but I always thought it would be possible. I never was worried about the amount of effort I'd need to spend, I did not care about the amount of books, articles and real case studies I'd need to read, or the amount of time learning from other colleagues, I was persistent, and after many years I'm a project manager. I still make mistakes and continue learning. I'm Spanish, nobody is perfect. However I have the commitment to improve.

The mental and spiritual heat created by enthusiasm can burn off the apathy failure elements in any personality and release hitherto unused, even unsuspected powerhouse qualities. If you go beyond simmering, even to boiling, probably you will discover talents and powers you never dreamed were yours. At the start of every project there are always the negativists who say, "It just cannot be done, this project will fail.." The pessimistic is so eager to be able to say. "I told you so".

In my particular case when I started my PM Consulting business my enthusiasm bred faith, and faith stimulated action. I believed in my project. Obviously I had many problems and issues during the two first years, I'm still have more problems and issues. But I'm always focused on learning from my failures and reinforcing my achievements. I always look at the positive side of life. Enthusiasm is passion and passion is related to fire in a special way. Enthusiasm builds a fire within a person, but every person need to control his enthusiasm for an idea or a project rather than be controlled by it. However you need to use common sense because uncontrolled enthusiasm can destroy, as controlled enthusiasm can create.

I found some project managers in organizations that manage projects with apathy, and that can only be overcome by enthusiasm. In my experience enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first, an ideal which takes the imagination by storm, and second, a definite intelligible plan for carrying that ideal into practice. I can remember my decision of being PMP certified. I was not english fluent that time but I had the commitment and enthusiasm to achieve it. So I made my plan and my commitment to be PMP certified. The first time I took the exam I failed but I was persistent and tried to learn where my failures were. I retake the PMP exam preparation again with enthusiasm. I was managing a big project on those dates outside my city of residence, I remember I studied from 10-11pm every day during almost 2 months. Some days I was too tired but I visualized that I'd pass the exam, and finally three months later I achieve it.

Enthusiasm will improve your personality. It is demonstrated that a person can make on himself just about what he wants to, provided he wants to badly enough and correctly goes about doing it. You can transform yourself into whatever type of person you wish to be, my best practices are:

1.- Decide specifically what particular characteristic you desire to possess and then hold that image firmly in your consciousness

2.- Proceed to develop it by acting as if you actually possessed the desired characteristic

3.- Believe and repeatedly affirm that you are in the process of self-creating the quality you have undertaken to develop

The problem of sustaining enthusiasm is often difficult, especially for older persons. The natural enthusiasm of youth may take a fearful battering as the years add up. How ever I met 65 years old people with much more enthusiasm than 25 years old people. I believe the true genius of living is to carry the spirit of the child into old age. I believe enthusiasm is a precious "gift" for the project manager and also for human beings in general. We need to have it, sustain it and maintain it.

TODAY IS A GOOD DAY! to start. 

Alfonso Bucero, MSc,PMP
Managing Partner
BUCERO PM Consulting

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