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Maintaining your positive attitude for project success

By Alfonso Bucero

How to Maintain your positive attitude for successful projects?

First of all I wish you a HAPPY new year and HAPPY projects. Peace with all of you! I believe we have to start the year with some planning in order to maintain our positive attitude as great project managers. I'd like to start sharing with you my project management attitude rule for the coming year. Many times people are confused between attitude and mood. You can have a positive attitude and one particular day have a bad mood, but you can maintain your positive attitude anyway.

In order to maintain my positive attitude I follow some personal rules, that I'd like to share with you. I call them "Project Manager ATTITUDE RULES and they are as follows:

Reinforce your attitude every morning. Talk to yourself. Look into the mirror and smile. Read to yourself. Write to yourself. What did you do this morning to build your attitude as a positive project manager?

Reflect about it. This year I'll continue reading something positive every day. Just a few pages every morning. I've only been during the last 10 years. I'm going to do it for the next 30 years, at least…

I maintain that maintaining a positive attitude in front of your team members and other project stakeholders is critical for project success. So, you as a project manager should take some preventive actions in order to maintain your attitude:

  1. Reading something positive every morning: I usually read some pages from a book from Norman Vincent Peale, and it works for me, that reading energizes me for the rest of the day. When I need to start work earlier than usual, I get up fifteen minutes earlier that day.
  2. Thinking positive thoughts every morning: Be focused on "I can", not in the "I cannot". That way your project manager day will be different, you will not be able to avoid project issues or problems but you will deal with them in a positive manner.
  3. Saying positive things every morning: Say thanks to your God, or to the heaven, or to the nature, depending on your beliefs. Think in a positive manner. Everybody has some blessings to say "thank you".
  4. Knowing your direction before you start walking: Think before acting. Be patient an reflect first. We, as project managers, are usually stressed by the environment, your manager, your client or your people. Breath deeply every morning and say "Today is a good day".

In order to progress and to make that attitude happen, we should practice that attitude. Some of attitude maintenance tips are:

  • Random acts of positive attitude
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Saying positive things all day long

Urgent attitude maintenance means for me:

  • People confronting you
  • Arguments
  • Project life's crap

I suggest you to do some rejuvenative attitude maintenance, that means:

  • Looking at how kids act
  • Listening to how kids talk
  • A walk in the park
  • Talking to a friend
  • Reading a positive book
  • Listen to your favourite music

I want to tell you about my 15 minute first thing in the morning attitude drill. Many people do some physical exercise in the morning. For instance, I need to do it because I've doing it for many years. That exercises my body muscles. Now let's talk about "brain-ups". This drill is about exercising your mental muscles, more specifically, your thinking muscle - your attitude muscle.

These actions get you thinking in the right direction: Create positive thoughts, read positive thoughts, write positive thoughts, think and plan positive actions for the day, speak positive words to yourself and others, ignore all bullsh*t.

I've learned that taking the right actions first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. I always say that your day will be as successful as the size of your smile.

Alfonso Bucero, MSc,PMP
Managing Partner
BUCERO PM Consulting

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I go through different moods and attitudes. One minute I feel down in the dumps, the next I'm up like a race horse. Just writing about the way I feel makes me happier. Writing clears the shit away from my chest. Thanks for your post

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