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PMO Value and Victory - The Most Bang for Your Buck

By Jerry Perone

Each industry has its own rules to live by, its own expectations, and its own operational nuances. Each company within our unique industries also has its own characteristics. Fortunately, the PMBOK® offers us a set of norms for our profession, a set of best practices we offer our companies. But even with the PMBOK® to guide us, we still each bring our own approach and ideas about how to run a project.

This leads me to my question: how do we synthesize our skills and ideas with project management best practices with the unique needs and operating environment of the companies we work for?

That question is why I wanted to write this blog. I wanted to offer some features of having a PMO in your organization. And if you have a PMO, these are features that will hopefully motivate the team and the organization to use and improve the PMO.

These are what I feel to be the top five features of a PMO:

1. Standardized processes – A PMO allows existing and tenured project managers within an organization to standardize processes by collaborating and bringing together the best of their experience and practices. Creating formalized project management processes that apply specifically to an organization helps ensure effective, repeatable, systematic project management steps.

2. Furthers Alignment – PMO alignment helps perpetuate and strengthen company alignment. By developing a PMO with objectives that align to business strategy, the actions that PMs take will align with the strategic objectives of the company. When PMs take repeatable project management actions created in the PMO, actions that align to the company strategy, the project management actions reinforce corporate strategic initiatives.

3. Environment for Training – As stated, centralizing project managers creates a space for training. As project managers are aligned in the PMO, training begins to take a shape applicable to all areas of the company services by the PMO. In a collaborative atmosphere, project managers can work with training professionals, curriculum designers, consultants, and each other to create training programs that support their goals and needs.

4. Technology Needs – Allows for the exploration and discovery of the most pertinent and applicable technology needs for project managers in the organization. Different organizations and their PMs have different technological needs. Bringing project managers together in one PMO makes it easier to identify the specific tools they need. It also makes it easier to explore how their needs are changing. When needs change and PMs are centrally located communicating is easier. This means increased efficiency and effectiveness all at the rate of NOW – everything I could ask for as a project, program and portfolio manager.

5. Identify and Control Project Cost – Having a PMO helps the organization identify and control how much money is being spent and possibly wasted on projects. Perhaps one of the most important reasons to have a PMO, it seems like one of the first questions I’m always asked is: Did this help us save money? Did we get the most bang for the buck?

My goal with this blog was to share with you all some of the features of having a PMO. Please chime in, comment, and leave me some feedback about your own findings on PMO features and benefits.

Brace yourself…next week, I’ll help you move those troubled projects out of the red with some insider information!


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