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What to Know, Do, and Think About

By Lisa DiTullio

I rarely make resolutions for the New Year. I broke the practice of listing too many ambitious goals with unrealistic deadlines and little moral support years ago. Now, I maintain a continuous checklist of What to Know, Do, and Think About in support of my personal and professional growth. You can do the same when launching a Project Management Office.

Here's a list of things to consider when starting a PMO:

Power: Understand the power/organizational structure/decision-making ways and means.
Why? To understand who the PMO is serving and to develop an infrastructure that works.

Problem Solving: Be clear about the problem(s) to be tackled through project management; be clear about what it is not.
Why? To develop the appropriate tools and methods and to understand the PMO's focus and deliverables.

Launch: Take advantage of the power of a new approach and the new organizational structure of the PMO.
Why? To make it clear that it really matters and to create "magic star dust" of Executive support for the PMO.

Infrastructure: Build the basic PMO infrastructure.
Why? It's all about smart infrastructure. Clear executive support, great staff, sensible approach and the mountains will move…

Roles & Responsibilities: Understand the different roles and responsibilities of all involved in project management.
Why?    While individual stars can pull off a project, it takes a village to move an entire project agenda.

Tools: Provide both Executive reporting tools and tools/methods to manage projects.
Why? Simple, effective reporting and meaningful review of the report results almost by itself creates the incentive for behavior/cultural change to move the entire agenda.

Project Start-up: Provide direction, support, education, and tools on successful project start-up.
Why? This is one of the base core value-adds of a PMO.

Priorities: Require Executive decision-making to prioritize the project agenda.
Why? Less is more. Focus is important to success. Moving key projects hard and fast will create momentum and results, and each will be learning labs for everyone.

Post-Launch: Provide post-PMO launch services and activities that add value.
Why? Be creative with building the common understanding of the project agenda and the work involved. Communicate, communicate, communicate – you just can't do it enough.

Keep your goals focused, your requirements simple, and your activities methodical. Shout out each and every accomplishment – with volume and pride. 

Lisa DiTullio, Principal, Lisa DiTullio & Associates, LLC

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