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It's a New World

By Lisa DiTullio

I am thrilled to report my affiliation with a new professional association, and I am quite excited to finally share it with you.

Yes, and I think you will find this one to be both compelling and a breath of fresh air. What began as the idea for an independent PMO association has grown into something that I believe is much more interesting and valuable. Imagine having the chance to create rather than just join a group; there is still plenty of opportunity for you to become actively involved in shaping what this organization will be and what it will do. If your current affiliation seems too inflexible or one-dimensional, isn't addressing all of your needs or is leaving you feeling disenfranchised, then read on.

The goal of the Enterprise Management Association -- International (EMA-I) is to engage anyone who is involved in managing the cycle of change in a professional community that shares a common set of challenges and interests.

As the founding volunteers initially discussed ideas around the fledgling PMO association, we came to realize there is no standard PMO in terms of its structure, charter, scope or span of interests. However, what we could all agree on were these three points:

  • All PMOs are involved in some aspect of managing change in their organization
  • Managing change requires the involvement of more than just the PMO
  • While there is a lot of tactical guidance, existing associations are not adequately addressing the strategic challenges of managing change

That second item is important, as we can all relate to how difficult it is to establish convergence across the different levels, roles and perspectives of the organization about how to effectively manage change. That is one of the reasons that our membership model encourages team memberships -- it takes a shared common vision between executives, directors and senior managers to execute the cycle of change.

OK, so let me give you a few highlights about what makes EMA-I different and what you can do to become a part of it:

  • EMA-I is for professional executives and senior managers that are passionate about effectively executing at a strategic level
  • EMA-I will be member-focused and drive broad levels of involvement; we encourage members to actively participate and share their ideas and practices
  • EMA-I is truly international; we have over 50 volunteers from around the world that are working to create this organization
  • EMA-I recognizes that business management techniques are continually evolving -- one of our goals is to be a clearing house for new ideas and proven methods for effecting change, rather than creating a self-serving  certification that encourages a single methodology or approach
  • EMA-I is inclusive; we know it takes the combined efforts of:
    • The entire management team as practitioners
    • Product and service providers
    • Consulting and training organizations

…all working together, sharing their expertise and learning from each other in order to be successful. Our objective is to erect a big tent where everyone is an equal participant, rather than creating an 'us-and-them' mentality. This is evident by the broad cross-section of esteemed volunteers we have attracted to reach a common goal.

EMA-I will officially launch in January, with charter membership attractively priced in order to give everyone an opportunity to get onboard from the very start. In the meantime, we still need volunteers in a number of different areas to continue building out our services and capabilities.

I am excited about the prospects of EMA-I.  It's the right idea at the right time for the right reasons. To learn more, please go to our temporary EMA-I Web site. Learn about who we are and what we are doing, and if you like what you see, we encourage you to get involved! Simply click on the 'Volunteer' tab and fill out your contact information.

Lisa DiTullio, Principal, Lisa DiTullio & Associates, LLC


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