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Why Should You Care About Social Media?

By PMStudent
I had a great time in Orlando recently for the 2009 PMI North America Global Congress. The PMI New Media Council did a presentation titled "Why Should You Care About Social Media?".

Bas De Baar (ProjectShrink), Cornelius Fitchner (PMPodcast), and I (pmStudent) collaborated for our segment of the presentation, focused on demonstrating the use of new tools to manage virtual teams and allow them to collaborate.

We practiced what we preached....I've been using some of these tools for a long time myself and we used them to collaborate on our presentation with Bas in Holland, Cornelius in California (and Switzerland) and me in South Dakota. (Kudos to Loyal Mealer who first introduced me to, a tool I've used extensively since then on several projects.)   We demonstrate the following tools in this video:

  • - shared workspaces and collaborative white boarding, chat, screen sharing
  • Google docs - collaborative real-time document editing
  • Skype - video/audio conferencing and chat

It's a goofy theme and we are certainly not acclaimed actors, but take about 15 minutes to check this out, especially if you are concerned with working remotely with people. Keep in mind we only demonstrated a few free tools....this isn't an endorsement of the specific tools we used and there are many, many options available out there.

Bas put the video together as a part of his video podcast at ProjectShrink.

(Bas is the one who can't pronounce Gouda, I'm the goofy-looking one in the red shirt, and Cornelius is on Skype with us after a bit.)

Do you have any questions on this topic? Leave a comment below and ask away! I've used a lot of different tools in different organizational environments, and I know we have other experienced people here who can lend their own expertise.
Josh Nankivel is the founder of, a site dedicated to helping new and aspiring project managers succeed. He has over a decade of project management experience in several industries, a Bachelor of Science degree in Project Management, and is PMP certified. 

Josh can be contacted at

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Skype is really essential to project collaboration. We use it in our office along with our product to easily communicate and manage projects between our offices in Cambridge, USA and New Delhi India.

We've found googledocs to be a little clunky in terms of formatting. What do you think of Share point?

Great point Trakeze. Google docs is great for some things, but when formatting is important other tools might work a bit better.

Sharepoint can work really well too, I've used it in the past. I don't know if it has the real-time collaborative features or not yet. If it does, that might be ideal for a firm using Microsoft office for documents.

Josh Nankivel

I find that Skype is awesome for connecting with people worldwide, and quality in my experience is solely dependent on your internet commection. Usually I use it one on one. looks interesting and more robust, especially for multiple people. I'll check it out. Thanks.

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