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Time to Power Up Your Interaction Quotient

By Randy Englund

Think about your typical day. You have too many things going on. Not only that, but you are pressured to create greater results with little input from managers regarding what is important and what they really want. Sound familiar?

Also, notice you spend the day talking, listening, trying to solve problems, talking some more, writing, going to meetings…with little actual progress or results.


Star performers face similar frustrations and obstacles but know that the secret to sustained effort and achieving project results is a function of effectively managing people and optimizing processes. We say they have a high interaction quotient that complements their high technical quotient.

What would it mean to your productivity if you could improve your interaction quotient?

Bobl randy (WinCE) 

Working relationships exist within a set of standards, beliefs, or assumptions—a viewpoint or frame of reference.  Change the frame of reference, and you can achieve amazing results.  You have the opportunity to embrace a new perspective, frame of reference, tools, and recommendations to ensure greater project results.

It takes an interactive, multimedia, exploratory discussion to dramatically change your interaction quotient. Discover simple yet powerful action tools that you can use every day to enhance effectiveness in working with others.

Interact 200 For example, which values will you emphasize when they are in conflict?  How do you identify a slippage versus an accountability culture?  What are the four acceptable responses to a request for action?


  • Relationships exist in a frame of reference; change the frame of reference, and you can dissolve apparent conflicts.
  • Be aware of multiple frames of reference available to guide behavior in various situations.
  • Develop more self-awareness by observing what habits guide your actions.
  • Notice what frame--individual or connected--is sourcing your current thoughts, actions, and conversations.
  • Apply a set of tools to apply in every conversation.

Randy Englund,

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Randy Englund and Bob Lauridsen are conducting an interactive, multimedia, full day exploratory discussion about Powering-Up Your Interaction Quotient on June 19, 2009 for the PMI San Francisco Bay Area chapter at Keller Graduate School in San Francisco, CA.  They introduce the two circles of separateness versus connectedness and other models affecting interactive behaviors.  Register at

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