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Executive View

Beyond the Limits of Endurance: Lessons for Being Great Managers!
The last 12 months have been formative for my life and my career. First I found myself unexpectedly challenged to the limits of my endurance, in terms of emotions, time demands, patience, and work-life balance. Then I willingly, consciously challenged... Read More»

Avoiding "Spirit-Killing" Project Management
Someone once asked me, "How do I know whether I'm using 'just enough' project management on my project?" My thoughts went immediately to the environments I've witnessed or experienced on projects, because the use of too much or too little... Read More»

What matters - giving ourselves time to THINK
We're all too busy - with long lists to accomplish every day, so many things that clamor for our attention. How do we KNOW we're getting results vs. just lots of effort? Do we ever step back from our to-do... Read More»

How Scope (control?) is handled (or not) in Agile
Here are two related questions I received from a site member about Agile, my answer, and Kent's and sanity check on my answer. These are great questions not just for a PM, but for an executive understanding of how it... Read More»

Why companies go to Agile development and management
The short answer I'm hearing is this: because they need to get better results and what they hear about Agile resonates with the problems that kept them from achieving results for their business customers. I have to agree - what... Read More»

How do we know whether our teams need Agile, and how do we go about it?
This week I’m at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto along with Kent McDonald. I’m here to learn more about what the world is referring to as “Agile development” and “Agile project management” for my own edification, as well as... Read More»

Making Vacations a Company Project
(actually by DeAnna Burghart, filling in for a vacationing Cinda) As I write this, Cinda is exactly where she should be: the middle of nowhere. She has taken a much-needed vacation, which puts her a couple weeks ahead of me... Read More»

What does "Great PM" leadership look like?
I've talked in previous articles about aspects of being a great project manager, including what I view as business-oriented leadership: driving forward and leading the team to ensure that a project is launched, planned, and executed with alignment to business... Read More»

Great Careers for Great PMs
In my previous posts, I've provided my ideas about what constitutes a great PM. This time, I would like to bridge to what these ideas can mean for someone's overall career. Of course, it seems obvious that if you're a... Read More»

Perfection Not Required, Flexibility and Fit a Must
Today I want to tackle a couple of typical questions I hear about what a great PM needs to be (or not) and do. 1) Does a PM in a technical environment need to be "technical" themselves? 2) Does a... Read More»

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