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Taking a few minutes to celebrate the good stuff

By Cinda Voegtli

This is a quick post to share some joy on this beautiful Friday.  

This is especially important for me to do, to balance out my "fixer" side.   I started out as an electrical engineer; I am thus a problem-solver and compulsive optimizer, all the way down to the tips of my toes.  Sometimes I let that side of me take over a bit too much, and find myself always writing about what we can all do better, how we can correct common problems in our organizations etc.   All good, useful, necessary to consider if we do want to keep getting better and better and making our daily environment better and better.

However - it's so important to stop and appreciate the positives that are already there. So I'm popping in here today to do just that.

Despite some days where i feel tired of all things project management, :-),  there is so much I love about what we do.  I was reminded of this fact this week, when I was asked to weigh in on a proposal for a large corporate road show event.  I've managed those before; the first one almost killed me :-) but boy did I learn a LOT.  And despite the pressures and challenges, it was just flat outright FUN to figure out the puzzle of people and places and stuff, and pull off over 25 highly-produced event sessions at 11 different sites in 2 countries, all in the space of about 8 months.  

So this week when this new request came in, I found myself actually vibrating with excitement to get my hands on another event puzzle and get to contribute what I've learned from past ones.  That's the flip side of my engineer brain.  I LOVE puzzles.  Project management to me is simply a different kind of puzzle than the technical design work i used to do.  A puzzle composed of tech/solution details PLUS people, personalities, goals, constraints, risk, variables, surprises...  

So I'm headed into my weekend smiling a lot, realizing that despite the challenges, I get a ton of fulfillment and outright joy from solving complex, gnarly, fascinating project management puzzles.

Here's hoping that you also see a similar joyful upside to your PM role!



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