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PM Articles > Musings on Things that Matter

Musings on Things that Matter

The Power of Perspective: What lenses are you using today?
I first remember hearing "you have to be systematic!" from my dad, an engineer, when at 6 years old I'd hang out on Saturdays in his shop, while he worked on some project. He'd give me some wood and a hammer and nails and show me how to build little... Read More»

Taking a few minutes to celebrate the good stuff
This is a quick post to share some joy on this beautiful Friday. This is especially important for me to do, to balance out my "fixer" side. I started out as an electrical engineer; I am thus a problem-solver and compulsive optimizer, all the way down to the tips of... Read More»

Your tools don't matter if the relationships are not there...
I got a reminder of this truth from a personal project. Despite the fact that I think of myself as the queen of "just enough" -- using PM tools and techniques lightly, creatively, judiciously as the situation warrants -- I inexplicably flubbed it on a particular project. It's only inexplicable,... Read More»

What is the MOST important use of your time this week?
This is a Monday sanity-check question we can all ask ourselves - before we are totally sucked down by emails, meetings, and ad hoc requests for our time from a jillion unprioritized sources... Step back from the trees and bushes and weeds of each project -- and contemplate the overall... Read More»

What Conflict are you avoiding?
This is my first post on an ongoing theme I think of as "Monday Anti-Madness". As we launch into each new week, how can we step back before we're consumed with the details that will come our way, and be sure our time and attention this week will be spent... Read More»

Beware of Dangerous Project Assumptions! (And use them to advantage)
How many times do we get bitten on projects, by making a bad assumption about someone or something? Here are some examples that come to mind: Examples of dangerous assumptions: Assumption #1: They are the executives asking for this project -- so they have thought through the business rationale and... Read More»

Slow down to speed up -- "Thinking" IS real work -- let yourself take that time!
It's Monday and I'm revelling in what I some years back made a solid commitment to do - LET Mondays, at least part of every Monday, be dedicated to stepping back and actually THINKING: At the big picture level - Asking focusing questions: What are the most important goals at... Read More»

Book Review (highly recommended): High Altitude Leadership
The angle this book takes on leadership -- lessons from high-altitude, highly dangerous mountain climbs, results in a fun, interesting read. And I found those lessons to be very concrete and thought-provoking -- and with good coverage of organizational AND project issues, which I have not often seen in leadership... Read More»

Are our sponsors acting as the LEADERS we need them to be?
Coming off my post on a few leadership examples from the sports world, I found myself considering this: How many of our executive sponsors actually act as strong, visible, valuable leaders? (By this I mean standing for the project and its business goals and priorities in very visible, clarifying, and... Read More»

Pictures of leadership - to interpret, translate, inspire
This quick post is meant to give food for thought for any of us thinking about leadership and what that actually could mean in our specific environment.... No grand conclusions, just some word pictures I find interesting to contemplate and apply to my own work. I am a football (US... Read More»

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