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Carl Pritchard

Imposter Syndrome
By Carl Pritchard, PMP, PMI-RMP I'm not really a doctor, but I play one on TV. For most of us, that old Vicks® commercial rang far too true. I'm not really a manager ... I'm not really a dad ...... Read More»

Oh, You Shouldn't Have!
By Carl Pritchard, PMP, PMI-RMP It's the season of giving. As we gather with friends, family and co-workers, gifts are exchanged and the spirit of the holidays kicks in. Invariably, someone utters the phrase ... Oh, you shouldn't have! Maybe... Read More»

Brief Me!
By Carl Pritchard, PMP, PMI-RMP Four Quick Tips (from a list of dozens…) It's management. They want a briefing. It's the customer. They want a briefing. It's your team and you just met with management and the customer. They want... Read More»

What's Your Summertime Message?
By Carl Pritchard, PMP, PMI-RMP One former employer had a compelling strategy for sharing his latest thoughts. Rather than simply passing them down from on high, he would share them as his [Insert your favorite element of timing here] message.... Read More»

I'm a Project Manager and a Professional... REALLY!
By Carl Pritchard Most people don't go through life saying I want to be a wishy-washy, something-in-between go-fer and administrative aide. Most want a life goal. They want a target. They want respect. As children, many opt for firefighter, police... Read More»

Fighting Bears and Miniature Golf
By Carl Pritchard And how it relates to project management... Not too long ago, I re-watched one of my favorite movies, The Edge. If you've never seen this particular movie (modest spoiler alert), it's about a rich guy marooned in... Read More»

(Almost) All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
By Carl Pritchard The old holiday song offers one simple request: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. And I contend that the youngster in that melody, like many of our customers, is lying. Lying unintentionally, but... Read More»

Put a Stake Through the Heart of the Energy Vampire!
By Carl Pritchard They wear no cape. They have no fangs. They don't speak with a Transylvanian accent. But with a flash of comments and an icy stare, a chill fills the room. Meetings stall. Team members feel less human.... Read More»

PMs Just Want to Have Fun
By Carl Pritchard Or maybe they don't... I'm on a flight home from a client event in San Antonio right now, and the sun is shining, I got my favorite seat (Thanks, Southwest!) and I've had an amazing 24 hours.... Read More»

Compelling versus Charismatic - Where should we be?
By Carl Pritchard During a recent webinar on project communications, following an extended discussion on building charisma, one attendee asked me an amazing question. "What's the distinction between being charismatic and being compelling?" In the days since the event, I... Read More»

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