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A practical view of common issues, and how to deal with them as well as tips and techniques from the field in the world of project, program, and portfolio management.
Level 5 Leaders
By Chris Cook, PMP
“Level 5 leaders look out the window to apportion credit to factors outside themselves when things end up well (and if they cannot find a specific person or event to... Read More»

Tighten It Up!
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes Summer baseball tends to drag on and on. The dog days of summer never apply more appropriately than to baseball in August. In one particular game,... Read More»

Lead From the Back
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes When envisioning a leader, the person at the front of the line carrying the big stick is what comes to mind. Pointing in different directions with... Read More»

PMI Goes Agile
By Alan Zucker
The Project Management Institute (PMI) is making a bold pivot toward agile. As a project manager and an agilist, I am excited by these moves. At the same time, it... Read More»

The Low-Information Diet
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes Do you ever feel like you need to know everything at all times? What is this person doing? Where is that person? How is this equipment... Read More»

It All Comes Full Circle
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes Jiu jitsu has a fantastic way of linking movements together that start to feel familiar and have connectivity. Class starts with a takedown leading to a... Read More»

What’s the [Complete] Big Idea?
By Randy Englund
A person embracing a more complete project manager mindset integrates key people, organizational, and technical skills. Success in any environment largely depends upon completing successful projects, and successful projects get... Read More»

Become a Student
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes In a leadership role, it can be difficult to step back and absorb information. You are the leader, and you must impart your knowledge on the... Read More»

Go Off Script
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes Lately, in jiu jitsu, I have noticed my game starting to resemble my professor’s game. Because he teaches a curriculum, I can regurgitate that material well... Read More»

Is Your Agile Project Healthy?
By Alan Zucker
Experienced agile coaches and practitioners develop a sixth-sense. They can quickly assess the health of an agile project or team just as doctors do with their patients. In 2013, Mike... Read More»

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