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Portfolio Management: Is Modern Management Practice Compatible?
By Brian Irwin
I sat anxiously in the PMO Director's office waiting to present my proposal for an organizational portfolio management process implementation. I had spent the previous several months drafting the process and holding reviews with several key company stakeholders. My homework was done and I knew I would hit this one out of the park. The presentation spanned the next thirty minutes. What seemed like an eternity of silence had passed, but in reality was probably only 10 seconds, the PMO Director finally spoke his verdict. "Am I the only one that has major heartburn with this process," he stated. My... Read More»

Olympic Lessons
By Ann Drinkwater
The Olympics inspire me. Ever since I was a little girl I remember watching the games, pretending one day I could be an Olympic figure skater as I glided up and down the ice covered driveway. This year I've been particularly mesmerized with the Olympics, watching as many specials and stories of the athletes as possible. I love hearing the tales of someone overcoming obstacles to live their dream and excel. And I’m not shy to admit the chills I get when a US athlete stands at the top of the podium, winning gold and hearing our national anthem. The... Read More»

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