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A practical view of common issues, and how to deal with them as well as tips and techniques from the field in the world of project, program, and portfolio management.
10 Traits of Successful Project Managers
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes I try to avoid listicles, but these characteristics really stood out to me as I was reading Grant Cardone’s ‘The 10x Rule.’ His focus is sales,... Read More»

Negative Expected Value in Project Management
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes “The kind of mathematical equation someone like Peter might consider would look something like this: if there is a 20 percent chance that Gawker will cost... Read More»

Creativity and Project Success: What's the Link?
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes Here is an email response to one of my articles about letting ideas come to you rather than forcibly think about solutions: “Hi Chris, Thanks for... Read More»

Alive Time. Dead Time. Which Will It Be?
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes “According to Greene, there are two types of time in our lives: dead time, when people are passive and waiting, and alive time, when people are... Read More»

Project Portfolio Management: Simplify the Selection Process
By Alan Zucker
Many organizations struggle with project portfolio management (PPM). On the face of it, portfolio management should be easy. We want to align our fi\unding decisions to the organization’s strategic objectives.... Read More»

The Fatal 'Disease of Me'
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes “Pat Riley, the famous coach and manager who led the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat to multiple championships, says that great teams tend to follow... Read More»

The PM Passion Paradox
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes “Dogs, god bless them, are passionate. As numerous squirrels, birds, boxes, blankets, and toys can tell you, they do not accomplish most of what they set... Read More»

The 70x10 Rule of Project Management
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 4 minutes “It's not the amount that counts, it’s the plan that counts” – Jim Rohn Recently, an email caught my eye from one of my many subscriptions.... Read More»

Let It Come to You
By Chris Cook, PMP
READ TIME: 5 minutes “Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” – John Wooden The experience of writing a book can be painful at times. You sit in front of the computer... Read More»

Leading Organizational Change
By Alan Zucker
I spent most of my career in management, leading teams in fast-paced, ever-changing companies. I have a lot of experience with organizational change. I led teams through reorganizations. I have... Read More»

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