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Margaret de Haan

Margaret de Haan

Margaret de Haan has worked in Project Management for the past 25 years in a wide variety of industries including Advertising, Insurance and Construction, always being technology focused. She has held a variety of management roles throughout her career including Vice President of Project Execution, Technical Project Manager, and most recently, Manager of Application Integration. She is currently working in the Information Technology division of a Medical Devices company in South Florida assisting in the development of the Project Management Division and PM structure within the organization. Prior to that, Margaret spent five years as an independent consultant assisting small and medium size businesses navigate through a number of business challenges, assisting in the setup of Project Management Offices, and providing KPI’s and roadmaps to gauge Project and corporate growth. Margaret is PMP and CSM certified, and has an MBA as well as two undergraduate degrees. She has her hands full at home with her husband and twin boys, and currently lives in South Florida.

A Lesson from a Calendar
By Margaret de Haan
From the time that my twins were born, I have created a yearly calendar for the northern contingent of my family to keep them off of my back about sending... Read More»

Trick or Treating the Waterfall way
By Margaret de Haan
Due to some previously undiscovered personal affliction of insanity, I agreed to get together with a group of friends and their kids to enjoy Halloween this year. As it was... Read More»

No MOE = Certain Death!
By Margaret de Haan
So what do we do with a deployment that has last minute changes that threaten the Project? You know those ones, the business users can't make up their minds, they... Read More»

Getting Acceptance From A Resistant User Community
By Margaret de Haan
This entry is late, as I have started it many times and each time I read the results it sounded like a boring textbook. So, I've decided to attack this... Read More»

A Lesson from a Pill
By Margaret de Haan
For me it has finally hit, an onslaught of physical things that make you realize that you are aging. Reading glasses, wrinkles, and a load of other things that make... Read More»

How can one size fit all?
By Margaret de Haan
I've been discussing a lot of development philosophies lately, and I find it amazing how many people think that one methodology (theirs) is superior to all others in all situations.... Read More»

Another grey area..........
By Margaret de Haan
I'm at bit late with this posting, so for that I apologize. As many of you know I am one of the many of us that have been "downsized", and... Read More»

Input Requested.......
By Margaret de Haan
I, as many of us are, am currently looking for a new full-time opportunity - a new long-term position where I can hang my hat. As I go through the... Read More»

A Bit of a PM Pep Talk
By Margaret de Haan
I've recently been thinking about time Project schedules, budgeting and goals. I recently got into an interesting argument with another Project professional about being "on time", and some very interesting... Read More»

How to Become a Rainmaking Project Manager
By Margaret de Haan
As I continue the spring gutting of my office, as many of you know, I have been reviewing the monumental amount of books I have collected over the years and... Read More»

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