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Laura Erkeneff

Laura Erkeneff is the founder and CEO of Training for Techies, Inc, a training and consulting firm that offers a unique approach to developing technical talent, one that aligns technical needs with leadership and business objectives. With over 20 years experience in leadership development training, coaching and organizational development, Laura has designed successful leadership programs for professionals at all levels.

By focusing on integrating her clients' technical expertise along with leadership and business skills, she has established a proven track record for showing immediate performance improvement. Laura brings both internal company and external consulting experience to her work. Her engagements have included all aspects of organizational development, from designing and implementing global company wide training courses in leadership development and leading design teams for technical symposiums, to designing and implementing turn-key succession and technical leadership development programs. In addition, Laura has consulted with clients at all organizational levels, coaching executives with global responsibilities and organization issues, as well as technical contributors who need to integrate more fully with the business. Laura holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology.

Laura's partial client list has included both mid-sized and large-cap companies such as: Lam Research, Inc; National Semiconductor; Chevron; Applied Materials; Project Connections, Inc; Vodafone; CISCO; Aspect Telecommunications; PG&E; Sillicon Graphics; CMRI; Granite Construction, Inc; Dow Corning; University of California; and Motorola.

Business Trends for 2009 & Implications for Project Managers
By Laura Erkeneff
In this blog I have been asked to write about Business Trends for 2009, what is on the horizon and what it will mean to project managers. So, here’s how I see the top 5 trends we will face in 2009… 1. Cut expenses. This isn’t the traditional cry for lowering costs raised predictably by executives each year. It is more like a do it or we die languishing wail. The list of business that are going out-of-business grows each day, from the small business in your hometown to the big chain retailers such as Sharper Image, Footlocker and Zales... Read More»

How to Survive a Layoff: A Project Plan
By Laura Erkeneff
A friend called me two days ago and announced that he, along with 600 other employees, has been laid off from the company where he's worked the last 12 years. My aunt called to let me know that my cousin had been cut from a full-time job with benefits to 40% time, hourly pay and no benefits. These are intelligent, professional people who are hard workers and top performers. Last night on the evening news an economist projected that in California alone, one million - that's ONE MILLION - people will be laid off in 2009. And the problem isn't... Read More»

Problem Solving vs. the Blame Game: PM Skills for All Leaders
By Laura Erkeneff
As an organization development professional who has designed and implemented leadership programs, training programs and change management efforts for major corporations, I am still amazed when I see very smart people forgetting to problem solve and to concentrate on finding a solution to their problem. It seems that once humans get overwhelmed, our nature often prefers to blame, make assumptions or feel guilty rather than use reason and problem solving to find solutions. Just this past week this issue came up again. I was having coffee with a person I use to work with a few years ago. Let’s call... Read More»

Networking as a Strategic Business Skill
By Laura Erkeneff
Many people do not like networking. In fact, for many of my friends, especially in the technology sector, you could say they hate it. For these folks, networking is at best annoying and at worst reminiscent of a slimy sales person trying to sell you something that you don't need and don't want to buy. However, in my experience, networking is one of the most important, misunderstood and underutilized business tools we have as professionals. It all starts with our attitude – how we approach meeting new people, and how (or if) we connect to the people we do meet.... Read More»

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