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Josh Nankivel Josh Nankivel is a Project Planning & Controls Control Account Manager and contractor for the ground system of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission, a joint project between the USGS and NASA. His academic background includes a BS in Project Management, summa cum laude. He can be found writing and contributing in many places within the project management community, and his primary project management website is located at Josh can be contacted at
Effective Opportunity Management for Projects
By Josh Nankivel
Glen Alleman left a comment recommending several resources for me, one of which is the book “Effective Opportunity Management for Projects“. I am reading it now and would like to... Read More»

Sometimes Projects Fail...Move On
By Josh Nankivel
I listened to one of my favorite podcasts a while back, EconTalk. The episode was a discussion about credit default swaps and more generally about the financial woes we have... Read More»

Getting Started in Project Management
By Josh Nankivel
I get many questions from people who want to enter into project management as a profession. One of the most common questions is “how do I get started”? I received... Read More»

Help Your Project Team Escape Meeting Hell
By Josh Nankivel
Meetings. Meetings. Meetings. The end of another week. I didn't get the design finished like I had wanted to this week. It just seems like there is so much to... Read More»

Project Blame Management
By Josh Nankivel
John called up Miles after the conference call to commensurate on the hopelessness of the situation. “So what did you think of all that?” Miles was miffed too. “I have... Read More»

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