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Knowing Your Limitations
By Patti Gilchrist
According to fictional San Francisco police detective, Inspector Harry Callahan, in Magnum Force of the Dirty Harry film series, “A man's GOT to know his limitations.” While it is true that there comes a point where every individual eventually reaches their limitation and thus you must know your boundaries, how can organizations encourage growth for people to realize their full potential without driving them over the border? And what is the responsibility of the individual to strive to attain their full potential without overstepping the boundaries of their limitations? Below are some tips for individuals and hiring managers to aid... Read More»

What's Your Story? - Part 3
By Michael Aucoin
Imagine yourself as a Hollywood star, an actor or actress who also directs a movie in which they act (you'll be in good company - think Drew Barrymore, Johnny Depp or George Clooney). How do they handle the transition from character to director and back again? The answer brings us to the conclusion of this short series on how stories shape our work on projects. As we discussed in the Parts 1 and 2, all of us have narratives or stories that help us make sense of life and guide our thoughts and actions. These stories can be helpful or... Read More»

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