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Project PRE-Mortem Simulations - Why Not Learn and Benefit From the Lessons BEFORE the Project Is Completed?
By ProjectConnections Staff
In order to effectively plan for and achieve success on specific projects, project management practicioners must understand how they could fail and ideally, they should derive this understanding when they can do something about it. That said, consider performing project pre-mortem simulations during the planning phase as a risk identification and risk mitigation exercise instead of waiting until you crash head-on into problems with the potential to seriously derail your project. The Harvard Business Review talks about and endorses this concept ( and it's also been covered in various project management texts and the works of psychologist Gary Klein and... Read More»

There’s Nothing To Project Management
By Morley Selver, P.Eng IPMA B
You Can Do It In Your Spare Time. Right now, in the oil and gas field there is a huge demand for project managers and a very limited supply. Companies are trying to fill the void in several ways, including; hiring IT project managers to fill positions in industrial applications; and getting an employee to manage a project along with their regular duties. It is the second method that I want to talk about as there were several attendees at a recent workshop in this situation. They were engineers whom management had offered the chance to manage a small project... Read More»

Not All Projects Are Sunshine & Rainbows - Part I
By Morley Selver, P.Eng IPMA B
I would hazard a guess that all projects have something go wrong that takes time, money, and effort to sort out. This is how we, as project managers, gain experience and knowledge. In fact, when you look at all your company procedures and practices, you need to realize that they are the result of someone trying to solve a problem. Some problems you can laugh at and others are serious issues. Following are a couple of problems I had on different projects. The Diesel Generators Figure 1 is a picture of a diesel generator. We purchased fourteen of them of... Read More»

Vendor Data Requirements (continued)
By Morley Selver, P.Eng IPMA B
In the last article I started a discussion on Vendor Data Requirements and their importance to your project. This is the vendor data you require with their proposal and later in the project should they be the successful bidder. In review, this document is typically used when purchasing equipment and outlines to the vendor exactly what information you expect him to include with his quote. In this article I will cover additional information that you should be asking for and why you need the information. Following are some additional data items typically required from a vendor ; 6. Transport As... Read More»

Closing the barn door
By Kent McDonald
I live on 15 acres outside of Des Moines Iowa along with my wife, daughter, two dogs, three or so cats, and seven horses - insert your favorite "old McDonald" joke here. I mention that seemingly irrelevant fact because it causes me to use phrases that someone in midtown Manhattan may not be as familiar with, such as "That's like closing the barn door after the horses are out of the barn". The saying refers to activities that would have been a good idea about 15 minutes earlier than when they happen, whether it be equine related or in reference... Read More»

Software for All that Ails
By Ann Drinkwater
In software development, many of us are responsible for improving the day to day operations and corresponding efficiencies of our users. We are often asked to create a system to satisfy a current or future need. While properly designed software can create much value, designing a system where there is no prototype or existing, defined process in place is highly risky. I find that for brand new systems and/or first generation automation of a system or procedure, the following should be followed: Determine Value – Review the expected return for any and all requests and make sure those involved should... Read More»

Project Management Survival Tools - Part B (Use Cases)
By Matt Glei
Good use of tools can still save your life (as a project manager)! As a project manager, you face many challenges in a project. Each of us can use all the help we can get. For this 2nd post on this subject I’d like to focus on the value of Use Cases. One of the challenges of specifying a new system, process, or product, is to capture the desired or required behaviors. These behaviors occur at very high levels of abstraction and at very detailed levels (and everything in between). A good use case describes the system’s behavior under various... Read More»

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