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The 5-Point Project Status + 6 Tips for Effective Status Reporting
By Alan Zucker
A fundamental project management function is effectively communicating status. When conveying status, the project manager should be crisp and concise, and calibrate the message to the recipient. Effective status communications... Read More»

Projects and Probabilities - A Dangerous Combination
By Alan Zucker
"Lies, damned lies, and statistics"…Mark Twain Project managers need to be very careful how they use probabilities and statistics when discussing their projects. Individual projects do not conform to the... Read More»

Are You a Complete Project Manager?
By Randy Englund
While many professionals develop their craft through advanced education and on the job experiences, there comes a time when an enhanced skill set and a new perspective about working with... Read More»

Sanity Check - How long has it been since you talked to your project's Sponsor?
By Cinda Voegtli
Conventional project management wisdom says that having an engaged executive-level project sponsor or champion is absolutely critical to success. But is your schedule of sponsor interactions putting that wisdom into... Read More»

The Lifeguard Analogy, Mindfulness, and the Project Manager
By Alan Zucker
Lifeguards are taught to only go into the water as a last resort. Going into the water puts both the lifeguard and the victim at risk. The phrase, "reach, throw,... Read More»

A Confident and Prepared Experience
By Ann Drinkwater
A year ago I had a less than desirable personal service performed. What I was told was a very small, routine dental procedure, that according to the computer would take... Read More»

Owning the Issue—A Profile in Courage
By Alan Zucker
At the weekly executive operational review meeting, the atmosphere was tense. We were having issues with the order processing systems and the sales reps were unable to install and fulfill... Read More»

Think You're Not In Sales? Think Again
By ProjectConnections Staff
I always find it ironic that individuals outside of the sales profession think they're not in sales or that they don't need to become effective at selling or that it's... Read More»

Don't understand them? Don't even like them? Too bad!
By Cinda Voegtli
What makes working on projects hard is, all too often, working with the dratted people! :-) As we start work this week ---- who are we dreading working with? Who... Read More»

Beginning Steps in Becoming a Complete Project Manager
By Randy Englund
While working in a field service office, I observed how a variety of firefighting activities seemed to repeat themselves: sales made commitments to customers and did not inform service, installations... Read More»

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