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Data Management
By Patti Gilchrist
I remember as a child my mother would never throw anything away. If I tried to throw away even a useless scrap of paper, she'd frantically dig through the garbage, excitedly proclaiming that I would one day look back and thank her for not letting me throw away something with such sentimental value. Clothing was packed into bags and stored in the back of the closet for decades. Even if it was 10 years out of date, 10 sizes too small, it could not be thrown out, just in case one day it would come back in style. She refused... Read More»

Postcards from Sydney: Project decision making, part 2
By Michael Aucoin
How do you define project success? It seems like a question with a simple answer. A project is a success if it meets its objectives within the project constraints of scope, schedule, cost, risk, quality and resources. But, reflecting on part 1 of this mini series, remember that people make decisions based on emotion. The individuals associated with and affected by your project will determine success based on how they feel about your project. It is important to know this truth when making decisions as the project progresses. While we in the project management profession obsess about schedule and budget,... Read More»

Three steps to getting unstuck: lessons learned from a ground squirrel
By Sinikka Waugh
Project Coach, Your Clear Next Step Have you ever seen a ground squirrel in a window well? Let me describe it to you...In central Iowa, some folks call these little guys "squinnies"...though I haven't done the research to figure out why...they look a little like chipmunks with a squirrel's tail. Now, picture a little, brown squinny, about four and a half or five inches tall. This poor little guy has somehow gotten himself into a window well outside our basement window. The well is just shy of three feet deep, and about two feet wide, forming a half-circle with a... Read More»

Closing the barn door
By Kent McDonald
I live on 15 acres outside of Des Moines Iowa along with my wife, daughter, two dogs, three or so cats, and seven horses - insert your favorite "old McDonald" joke here. I mention that seemingly irrelevant fact because it causes me to use phrases that someone in midtown Manhattan may not be as familiar with, such as "That's like closing the barn door after the horses are out of the barn". The saying refers to activities that would have been a good idea about 15 minutes earlier than when they happen, whether it be equine related or in reference... Read More»

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