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Postcards from Sydney: Project decision making, part 2
By Michael Aucoin
How do you define project success? It seems like a question with a simple answer. A project is a success if it meets its objectives within the project constraints of... Read More»

Are Your Metrics Meaningless?
By Patti Gilchrist
Data is an essential corporate asset, critical for the continued success of any business. Data empowers organizations to make critical decisions and drives strategy. Thus, organizations often enthusiastically collect and... Read More»

Develop your character
By Alfonso Bucero
How a project manager, as a leader, deals with the circumstances of projects tells you many things about his character. Project crisis does not necessarily make character, but it certainly... Read More»

What Are My Roles & Responsibilities?
By Morley Selver, P.Eng IPMA B
One of the things I cover in my workshops is the roles and responsibilities of a Lead Project Engineer / Project Manager. What I find amazing is that some of... Read More»

You Are What You Integrate
By Randy Englund
I marvel at the wonders created by nature and modern chemistry. We constantly see new products emerging as a result of molecular combinations and increased miniaturization. Vitamin and drug pills... Read More»

The Power of Failing
By Brian Irwin
I am a case study in failure. Sometimes it seems as if I’ve made every conceivable mistake one man could make, and I’m a better person because of it. I... Read More»

Managing With Consultants
By Ed Reynolds
If you have been managing for more than a few years, you have been in the situation where you needed some outside help to complete a project. Sometimes you request... Read More»

Managing the Manager
By Ann Drinkwater
Your organization has decided to outsource a project to an external firm. In some cases, the organization may allow your team to manage the project, but more often than not, the organization may want full reign and to manage the engagement themselves. What does this mean to the project manager from the client organization? Depending on your company’s project management philosophy (i.e. do they see project management as a scheduling function, or someone that truly manages the project and risk), this type of agreement may be more challenging than you first think. Read More»

“We” versus “Us & Them”
By Margaret de Haan
Just this past weekend my team and I were up at 4am for the deployment of a Software Project that had been in development for quite a few months. The... Read More»

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