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Rock Stars as BAs?
By Patti Gilchrist
Many times we hear managers say they need a “rock star” for their project, meaning they want a talented and extraordinary performer, capable of impressing the key stakeholder crowd, by consistently delivering top quality, phenomenal results under stress and in high profile situations. And as much as companies and projects could benefit from a rock star's creativity, drive and ability to inspire, do we really want rock stars to write our business requirements? What would happen if we had real life rock stars as Business Analysts (BAs) on our technology projects? Consider legendary rock star Keith Richards' philosophy for writing... Read More»

Wake up! Three ways to improve your influence as a (project) leader.
By Sinikka Waugh
When was the last time you thought about your influence? Has anyone made any comments lately about your ability to influence others or move others to action? What did they say? Were they compliments…or not so much? Would it be handy to have a greater ability to influence others, regardless of the authority vested in you by your current role? Here are three quick ways to improve your influence. Consider your wake – For your role as a leader, others look to you for direction, vision, and forward movement. For your role as a project manager, others look to you... Read More»

Is It The Triple Constraints or Quadruple Constraints?
By Morley Selver, P.Eng IPMA B
If you are working in project management you have probably heard of the Project Management Triangle or the Triple Constraints. The constraints being scope, schedule, and budget. When managing the project, if one changes we have to look at the other two and see if they change as well. If they have changed then we have to perform some type of control to get the project back in line. My career has been in industry and I am used to the Quadruple or Four Constraints which is more applicable. The four constraints are Scope, Schedule, Budget, and Resources (SSBR) as... Read More»

Are you listening to me or hearing me?
By Alfonso Bucero
Communication is a critical skill for project managers. Some leaders are able to listen to and other people are always hearing instead of listening to their membership. Every time that I think about listening some images come to me regarding a common situation in a project between a project manager and a team member. The team member wants to talk to his project manager because he/she has a problem or an issue. The project manager meet him and say: Ok, I'm ready to listen to you. Please tell me about your problem. The team member starts speaking and the project... Read More»

Think Simple Whenever Possible
By Margaret de Haan
I recently went through the exercise of bringing on a contractor for a six month period to assist with an overload of analysis on various Project efforts. I am continuously surprised at how many different interpretations of “Agile” I get, and how often practitioners within the Project Management arena seem to feel that their value to the discipline is their ability to use tools. Although I agree that the ability and capacity to use tools is important, I don’t see that in the top three skills required to be a good/great Project Manager. I asked each candidate what the bare... Read More»

Managing Out
By Ed Reynolds
Perhaps the most difficult job a manager faces is dealing with an employee that just isn’t performing up to expectations. Even if you’ve been coaching them all along and their performance is no surprise to them, taking the formal steps to manage them out of your organization is painful for both of you. With any luck, they already have another position lined up. Regardless of how well prepared they are, you need to be prepared. The first step is to give the employee a fighting chance to redeem themselves, as soon as the performance problem becomes apparent. Remember, that it... Read More»

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