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Project Manager Responsibility

By Alfonso Bucero

Project success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility. The one quality that all successful people have is the ability to take on responsibility. I strongly believe that a project leader can give up anything except responsibility.

On the other hand project leaders must lead by example, and transmit to their people that the sense of responsibility is fundamental for team and project success. Good project leaders never embrace a victim mentality. They recognize that who and where they are remain their responsibility. They never complain.

During years I have observed some characteristics of project leaders who embrace responsibility:

  1. They get the job done:
    No one can do the minimum and reach his maximum potential. They have a clear idea about the effort that must be done to accomplish the project they manage, and the impact that has on business success.
  2. They are willing to go to the extra mile:
    Responsible people never protest, "that's not my job". They are willing to do whatever it takes to complete the work needed by the project or by the organization. If you want to succeed,be willing to put the organization ahead of your agenda.
  3. They are driven by excellence:
    Excellence is a great motivator. People who desire excellence — and work hard to achieve it — are almost always responsible. Make high quality your goal, and responsibility will naturally follow. Be always ready to learn during the whole project life cycle.
  4. They produce regardless of the situation:
    The ultimate quality of a responsible person is the ability to finish. If you want to lead, you have got to produce and make your team members produce too.

I can give you some suggestions to improve your responsibility:

  1. Keep hanging in there:
    Sometimes an inability to deliver despite difficult circumstances can be due to a persistence problem. Creativity can bring responsibility to life.
  2. Admit what's not good enough:
    If you have trouble achieving project excellence may be you have lowered your standards. Look at your personal life for places where you have let things slip.Then make changes to set higher standards. It will help you to reset the bar of excellence for yourself.
  3. Find better tools:
    If you find that your standards are high, your attitude is good, and you consistently work hard and you still don't achieve the way you'd like get better equipped. Improve your skills by taking classes, reading books, and listening to tapes. Find a mentor. Do whatever it takes to become better at what you do.

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