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A Project Manager’s Facebook Feed

Karl Richard What's on your mind?
Karl Richard posted a note: HEY!! I Finally PASSED THE PMP EXAM!!

Congratulations, Hey, you only have three years to rack up those PDU's. Better get started now.
PM Fellow
Excuse me, but you seem to have forgotten that it's PMP®, not PMP. You'll need to correct that.
Loving Wife
Does that mean we finally get you back home to do some chores?
PMI Watchdog
Remember that you cannot divulge ANYTHING about the exam, per the PMI® Code of Ethics. Don't foul this up. Your certification could be the shortest-lived in history.

The group Clients Wanting Real Work Done posted a note: Congratulations, on the pimp. Now, will you come back into the office and get some real work done?

Karl Richard
Sorry I've been neglecting you during the time I've been studying. I'm ready to install that DOS interface you've waited so long for!
TechGuru Dave
Actually, Karl, we've moved on to Version 19.7 since then.
Government Client
There's a 19.7? We're still in 2.4. Maybe we should consider updating. Is the Vaporware Software system on GSA Schedule?
TechGuru Dave
Vaporware is EVERYWHERE!!
Commercial Client
We were promised major updates and improvements in Version 19.8. I think that's supposed to be out next week, according to our sales rep. You might want to wait until it's released to update.

1,000 people have joined the network PMI-RMP® Wannabes

100 people have left the network I Believe in Project Management Authority

PMEinstein found a GREAT database. Just click on "Class" and select "Human Systems Failure" from the drop-down. It's an epic evaluation of the history of things we get blamed for!

Karl's Assistant posted a note on Karl Richard's wall:
  ___  _  ____  _____        __  _____ __  __   _____ _____ ____  
 | \ \| |/ _  |/ _ \ \      / / |____ |  \/  | |_   _|____ |___ \ 
 | |\ ` | (_| | | | \ \ /\ / /    |_  | |\/| |   | |   |_  |_  | |
 |_|/ . |> _  | |_| |\ V  V /    ___| | |  | |   | |  ___| | |_| |
 (_)_/|_/_/ |_|\___/  \_/\_/    |_____|_|  |_|   |_| |_____|____/ 

Karl Richard posted a note on Karl's Assistant's wall: There are consequences to this kind of comment

Karl's Assistant posted a note on Karl Richard's wall: True, but…
 _  _  _____  __  __     ___    __    _  _  ____ 
( \/ )(  _  )(  )(  )   / __)  /__\  ( \( )(_  _)
 \  /  )(_)(  )(__)(   ( (__  /(__)\  )  (   )(  
 (__) (_____)(______)   \___)(__)(__)(_)\_) (__) 
 ____  ____  ____  ____    __  __  ____ /\/\
( ___)(_  _)(  _ \( ___)  (  \/  )( ___))()(
 )__)  _)(_  )   / )__)    )    (  )__) \/\/
(__)  (____)(_)\_)(____)  (_/\/\_)(____)()()

Karl Richard
Karl Richard is going home.

Loving Wife
I'll believe that when I see it.
Impatient Client
I presume this means that all of my deliverables are done and you've sent them in to me for review.

Karl Richard
Karl Richard is settling back in behind his desk for an evening of work.

Government Client
Excellent! We were hoping to have a 3-hour teleconference with the Sydney office tonight at 9:00 your time. I'll e-mail the dial-in # and passcode.
Impatient Client
I'm hoping this won't stand in the way of our midnight deadline.

Daughter Richard posted a note on Karl Richard's wall: I was going to tell you when you got home, but since you're not coming home, I thought you should know that mom and I are joining the Motley Crue "Cruefest" tour. They said we'll be highlighted on their in-concert "cams"! We'll be back in July. Enjoy your work!

Impatient Client posted a note on Karl Richard's wall: I just checked my e-mail and there's nothing there.

Native Shaman posted a note on Karl Richard's wall: Your request for admission to our meditative community has been approved. Please dispose of all of your earthly goods, including your Blackberry® before arriving.

Karl Richard posted a note: I'm going on a Vision Quest. I'll be back either when I'm done or when the meds wear off and I'm released from observation, whichever comes last.

Karl Richard is offline.

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Cute, Carl. Imaginative works, as always!

Regards - Roger

Love it!

Glad PMI allows such blatant disregard of seriousness in Project Management :) - You're inspiring me...

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